First Colombian avocados land in China

Thu 23/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
First Colombian avocados land in China © Eurofresh Distribution

Colombian Hass avocados arrived in China for the first time on July 1st. Having set off from the Port of Buenaventura on May 28th, the 23-ton shipment landed in Shanghai and was released to importer Mr. Avocado. The protocol between China and Colombia was signed on December 13th 2019, and adds to a growing list of countries that can export avocados to the Asian giant, which includes the US, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand and Kenya (for frozen avocados).

In addition to testing for COVID-19, customs agents also conducted a full set of tests for pests and pesticide residues on newly imported fruits. Throughout the transit, the avocados were stored in refrigerated containers at 6 degrees Celsius. After clearing customs, they were transported directly to Mr. Avocado’s ripening warehouse.

Colombia is the world’s fourth largest producer of Hass avocados, and keeps growing. Avocado production area increased from 5,200ha in 2010 to 13,500ha in 2015, propelled by foreign investment.

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