Europe’s organic sector exceeds €40 billion in market volume

Wed 01/04/2020 by Richard Willkinson
Spain’s first ever organic trade event hailed a huge success 

The market volume of Europe’s organic sector has broken the €40 billion barrier, according to data presented by Ecovalia, the national reference association for professionals in Spain’s organic sector. The main findings of the organisation’s Annual Report of Organic Production in Spain 2020 were announced at the Caixa Forum Madrid, and confirmed the growing trend of the sector. Spain, with a market value of almost €2 billion, remains seventh among European countries, ahead of Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands, and is only surpassed by Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and Sweden.

The area dedicated to organic farming in the world already exceeds 71 ​​million hectares. Spain continues to occupy fourth position worldwide, only behind Australia, Argentina and China, and is first at the European level, ahead of France and Italy. It should be noted that in Spain almost 10% (9.7%) of its useful agricultural area is organic.

Álvaro Barrera, president of Ecovalia, stressed that the organic sector continues its unstoppable growth. In 2018, there was an increase in the worldwide market volume to €97 billion. We have grown by 19.9% in surface area and now have over 70 million hectares worldwide. This data underlines the good health of the sector. As Barrera notes, the improvement in Spain’s organic sector represents added value.

The statistics for Ecovalia’s ‘Annual Report on Organic Production in Spain’ were compiled from data published by FIBL and IFOAM at Biofach 2020, as well as from data advanced by the MAP.

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