EU grapefruit crop falls 11%

Mon 13/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
EU grapefruit crop falls 11%

The EU’s 2019/20 grapefruit crop is estimated to be down 11% to 96,000 tons, according to FAS Madrid. The main producer Spain expects its output to shrink by 15.5% to 68,100 tons. Ruby Red is the main grapefruit variety planted in Spain. Cyprus is the second largest grapefruit producer in the EU, with the main variety being White Marsh Seedless, mostly grown in the Limassol area.

The EU is a net importer of grapefruits, with overseas production accounting for about 75% of the EU’s total grapefruit supply. In 2018/19, the EU’s imports dropped 13% to 324,603 tons, valued at US$285 million. China, South Africa, Turkey and Israel are the leading suppliers to the EU market.  Imports are predicted to rise in 2019/20 to offset the smaller EU crop.

In 2018/19,  EU grapefruit exports fell 7% to 16,255 tons, worth $17 million. The main destinations are Switzerland, Ukraine, and Belarus. Despite an expected smaller EU crop in 2019/20, grapefruit exports are forecast to increase slightly, as indicated by the trend of the first six months of the marketing year.

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