Kanzi® concludes a successful European season – smooth transition to southern hemisphere harvest

Mon 13/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
 Kanzi® concludes a successful European season - smooth transition to southern hemisphere harvest

The marketing of the European Kanzi® harvest is almost complete and the first fruits from the southern hemisphere are ready to be marketed. With this smooth transition from domestic produce to imports, it is possible to offer Kanzi® lovers their favourite apple at any time of the year.

More interest in Kanzi®

Kanzi® is gaining more fans, as new GFK data confirm. Brand awareness of Kanzi® for example in Germany has risen significantly over the past year.

Kanzi® producers in Europe, with a focus on Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Tyrol, can look back on a successful campaign. The excellent quality and outstanding taste have ensured good sales in recent months. Fruit growers are also aware of this and are showing a growing interest in the cultivation of Kanzi®. As before, however, the cultivation possibilities remain limited to a few predestined growing regions in the countries mentioned. However, Kanzi® is also being planted for local markets in Great Britain, Switzerland and Austria.

Joined forces to boost the Kanzi® brand

As usual, the Kanzi® marketer organizations, together with the producers and the trade, have supported the sales process with numerous marketing activities in recent months. A permanent online presence in social media and beyond, in all the major sales markets in Europe and in the growing markets of the Middle East, form the basis of the Kanzi® campaign. Kanzi® consumers were able to win a trip to the “Big Apple” as part of a pan-European sweepstake. In addition, there were numerous country-specific activities such event sponsorships, PR and trade activations.


Commitment and passion for the new European harvest

Meanwhile, the Kanzi® producers have long since taken care of the new harvest. There was and is a lot to do in the orchards. After pruning the trees in winter, everything is done in spring to make bees and insects feel at home. It blossoms, it grows green – and above all it hums. Without bees there is no harvest. Of course, the Kanzi® growers know this too and act accordingly and do everything possible to protect our insects. And soon the time will come when fruit growers will make sure by hand that the right amount of fruit is hanging on the trees. Only then can they harvest apples that meet consumer expectations.