EU apple prices climb in March

Wed 02/05/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Average apple prices in the EU climbed from their February average of €0.79/kg to €0.81 in March this year. These figures are respectively 44% and 46% higher than the five-year average for these periods. All the major EU producers recorded above-average prices. Poland was the Member State with the highest volume and lowest price and recorded a slight fall in prices in March. Its prices were 62% above average in February and 55% in March. French apples were 19% more expensive than the average in February and 20% in March. The same figures for Germany were a remarkable 104% and 120%, while in Italy they were 29% in February and 29% in March.

Late spring frosts during April and May 2017 have led to a relatively low availability of apples and high prices during this campaign and will continue to define the marketing year. The crop size in the EU is 19% lower than the five-year average and has resulted in a price increase of about 40% (although prices vary greatly among the Member States.

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