EU agri-food exports up 3.7% from 2017

Thu 30/08/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

EU agri-food exports in April 2018 were €11.1 billion, while imports totalled €9.6 billion. This meant a 3.7% rise in exports and a 2% fall in imports compared to April 2017. The monthly agri-food trade of €1.5 billion constituted a 66% increase on the level of April 2017, according to the latest monthly trade report published by the European Commission.

Overall, fruit exports fell by €30 million. The highest increases in monthly exports were recorded for shipments to the US (+€64 million), Japan (+€59 million), Algeria (+€40 million) and Switzerland (+€37 million). The greatest falls in exports were to Saudi Arabia (-€92 million), Turkey (-€71 million) and the UAE (-€38 million).

Overall, imports of fruit (tropical and non-tropical) recorded large rises in value terms. The greatest increases were recorded for goods arriving from Ivory Coast (+€50 million), Chile (+€42 million) and Tunisia (+€37 million), while the largest falls were recorded for imports from Ukraine (-€110 million), Indonesia (-€74 million), Australia (-€71 million) and Paraguay (-€67 million).


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