Germans can’t get enough avocado

Thu 22/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Germans are consuming ever more avocados, with volumes doubling over the past five years, from 18,000 tons to almost 36,000 tons. In other European countries, the upturn is even more pronounced, especially in the Scandinavian region. While per capita consumption in Germany is still less than 1kg/year, in Denmark it is about 2.5kg/year. More than 80% of avocados sold in the EU are Hass, with the market share of green varieties continuing to shrink.

The world’s largest supplier of avocados is Mexico, with sales volumes of 966,000 tons. Peru is way behind, with 195,000 tons. However, Mexican avocados rarely appear on the EU markets, heading instead mainly to the US. German avocados mainly come from Peru in summer and from Chile in winter, although Spain is gaining market share from February to March.

Spending on exotics is increasing in Germany. Indeed, expenditure on mango, avocado, papaya, sweet pineapple and other exotics reached almost €680 million last year. Five years ago, the figure was just over €463 million, with the focus mainly being on sweet pineapple. The main exotics now are avocados and papayas. Last year, €183 million was spent on avocado alone and the proportion of high-priced avocados is rising. This shift towards high-priced (ready-to-eat) avocados has seen the average price per kilo rising to €4.74 in 2017 from €3.88 in 2014.

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