Cordoba becomes European organic capital 

Tue 10/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The XVII European Congress on Organic Production (EOC23), organised by Ecovalia and IFOAM Organics Europe, hosted the main agents of the European organic sector for three days in the capital of Córdoba to analyse the challenges of organic production and their expectations in the future. horizon 2030.

Discussions focused on the challenges faced by organic production and its expectations in the 2030 horizon. Issues such as new European policies on the environment, marketing, foreign markets, certification, and climate change were discussed in different round tables. Among the main conclusions were the value of the European seal as an identifier of true sustainability in the face of greenwashing, the need to maintain the essential environmental policy commitment in turbulent times and improve communication about what it means to be an organic product and how to recognise it.

Delegates of 24 different nationalities came from the European Union, the United States, Latin America and Africa, representing all links in the organic agri-food chain: production, industry, marketing, certification, consumption, research, services, etc.

Álvaro Barrera, president of Ecovalia, said: “The organic production congress has been a complete success. We have put on the table the main issues that concern the sector and we have collected the analysis of the main protagonists, speakers of high international prestige. There is no going back in environmental ambition and ecological production is the solution. And it is not exclusive. We all fit under the European green leaf. We are a professional, innovative and responsible sector with a common objective for our food and for agricultural production, a future focused on organic production, which is more necessary and useful than ever.”


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