Chilean apple exports down 5% after difficult winter

Mon 20/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Chilean apple exports down 5% after difficult winter

Chile’s apple exports are expected to fall due to the smaller crop that stemmed from adverse weather conditions during the spring and winter. According to USDA data, total fresh apple exports will reach 739,000 tons in MY 2018/19, down 5% from the previous campaign. The country’s total apple planted area totalled 34,427 hectares in 2018/19, a drop of 4.2% from MY2017/18. This fall is due to the low profitability of apple production in the face of increasing international competition from other Southern Hemisphere countries and demand for new apple varieties.  Apple orchards are being replaced with more profitable alternatives like cherries and walnuts. Meanwhile, old orchards are still being renewed with modern varieties such as Jazz, Envy, Brookfield, Rosy Glow and Ambrosia. Around 85% of Chile’s apple production comes from small- or medium-sized orchards (i.e. less than 10ha.

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