BelOrta launches new sustainable packaging for red fruit

Mon 03/06/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
BelOrta launches new sustainable packaging for red fruit

Since Wednesday BelOrta offers the first cardboard punnets with topseal. This new packaging responds to the trend towards more sustainable packaging and is adorned with an attractive “Happy snacking” design. Initially, it will start with the extensive red fruit range. In a later phase, a larger range of fruit and vegetables will be packaged in this sustainable & innovative packaging method.

Sustainable and attractive

Sustainable entrepreneurship has been a commitment which BelOrta has taken up in many areas for many years. With the introduction of these new cardboard punnets, we once again emphasise the absolute attention we give to it. The trend that consumers have a changed vision on plastic has long been unmistakable. BelOrta strives to create innovative packaging solutions that are both good for the environment and attractive to the eye. This cardboard punnet with topseal combines both and will undoubtedly stand out in the vegetable and fruit array.

Happy snacking

These new punnets come together with the start of a new snacking line. With “Happy snacking” we are responding to the increasing demand for healthy products for snacking in-between and on the go. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, … are the perfect healthy sweets to eat on the train, at work or at school. Starting from Wednesday, our customers will be able to offer all our berries to their consumers in a handy travel package that is not only attractive, but also helps reduce the use of plastic.

Sofie Lambrecht
Division Head Marketing
Tel: +32(0)15 565 292

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