Argentina makes first shipment of organic citrus to EU in 20 years

Mon 06/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Argentina has resumed exports of organic citrus to the EU, making its first shipment for 2 decades, following the reopening of the market in May. The 60.5-ton consignment of organic lemons, certified by plant health service Senasa, departed from the port of Buenos Aires and arrived in Europe this month.

Welcoming the reopening of such an important market, Agriculture Secretary Juan José Bahillo said: “We have to continue boosting exports, because they are a source of foreign currency, employment and roots for the entire country. Organic production must meet the conditions set out under current regulations: it must be sustainable from an environmental point of view, preserve the health of the soil, air and water, not use chemical inputs and carry out agronomic practices such as soil rotation, use of waste from the farm itself, etc.”

Argentina currently has 3,342ha of organic citrus production. Between 2001 and 2003, Senasa certified 2,500 tons of fresh organic citrus (mainly oranges and lemons) for shipment to the EU.


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