Spain leads world in organic lemon and grapefruit production

Mon 06/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Spain accounts for 41% of the world’s organic lemon production area. The area of organic lemon grown in the country totalled 11,509 hectares in 2022, increasing by 574% in 10 years. As for organic grapefruit, acreage grew by 418% over the same period to 685 hectares, which represents 22% of the country’s total lemon area and 21% of the grapefruit area.

Spanish is ahead of Italy, Argentina, South Africa and the United States in its organic production, making it a benchmark in the marketing of fresh lemon and grapefruit, juice and essential oils.

The Region of Murcia, Andalusia and the Valencia Community represent almost all of the organic lemon production in Spain. While Andalusia used to have the largest organic lemon area, the region of Murcia surpassed it in 2021 and now has 4,901 hectares. Andalusia follows with 3,593 hectares, while the Valencian Community has an area of 2,960 hectares.

As for organic grapefruit, Andalusia is the community with the largest area (306 hectares), followed by the Valencian Community (220 hectares) and the Region of Murcia (154 hectares).


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