Almeria’s watermelon prices crash

Mon 25/06/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
sandia almeria

According to the association of young fruit growers of Almeria, ASAJA, prices at source of summer fruits have fallen dramatically this year. The most affected fruit is the watermelon which has seen prices paid to the farmer plummet by 82% in 10 days, reaching as little as 10 cents kg. “We have been under pressure for weeks to lower prices that were much higher than what we have been receiving in recent years and we can see that they have finally plunged,” said president of ASAJA Pascual Soler.

The cool spring temperatures delayed the start of the watermelon campaign and with productivity lower this year, prices were relatively good until the Levante area entered production and sent prices crashing. The ASAJA intends to inform AICA of the situation in the hope that the matter will be properly investigated.

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