Aldi eases rationing of products

Mon 06/04/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Aldi’s banana price cut denounced

Aldi UK has announced that it is to relax shopping restrictions for a series of products that were previously being rationed at its UK stores. The discounter, which has recorded an 11% jump in sales in the past month, had limited customers to four of every product after panic-buying in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Products such as fresh fruit and vegetables and meat will no longer be rationed for shoppers. However, Aldi customers will continue to be limited to only two of its most popular items, which include antibacterial hand gel, UHT milk and baby formula. Meanwhile, other popular items such as nappies, bleach, toilet roll, pasta, tinned tomatoes, beer and hand wash will be limited to four items per person.

A statement from the German retailer said:

“While we would still encourage people to buy only what they need, product availability in store is good and the move will make it easier for people to shop for vulnerable people and those who are self-isolating.”

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