DS Smith donates 10,000 bedside tables to IFEMA field hospital

Thu 02/04/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
DS Smith donates 10,000 bedside tables to IFEMA field hospital
  • The field hospital will receive 10,000 corrugated cardboard items, to be used by patients as bedside tables or stools.
  • This type of cardboard furniture is perfect for the field hospital as it does not need disinfecting or cleaning, and can be destroyed when no longer used.
  • Under the slogan #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos, the campaign seeks to make life more comfortable for patients transferred to the IFEMA field hospital.

Madrid, April 1st, 2020 – DS Smith, the world’s leading supplier of corrugated cardboard, which focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging solutions in more than 37 countries, has launched solidarity initiatives in all its markets to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19. Specifically, the Spanish business today announced that it would manufacture and donate individual bedside tables for patients at IFEMA field hospital, to be handed over to the Regional Government.

Under the slogan #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos, workers at DS Smith’s plant in Madrid have looked to play their part by manufacturing cardboard furniture. The hashtag with the name of the campaign is printed on the tables as part of their design, something that the Health Agency has welcomed, since it conveys a very positive message of encouragement for patients. The aim is to duly fit out the facilities at the field hospital, looking to ensure that patients be as comfortable as possible in such difficult circumstances.

The field hospital, which has around 5,500 beds including intensive care units, will receive 10,000 multipurpose auxiliary tables made from corrugated cardboard, to be placed next to each patient’s individual bed. This type of cardboard furniture does not need to be disinfected or cleaned, and can be easily destroyed when no longer used, thus preventing contagion. The initiative has been welcomed by Madrid Health Agency’s Subdirectorate General of Procurement, which also congratulated everybody involved, stating that it will be of “great help for everybody admitted to the hospital”.

DS Smith Iberia’s Managing Director Cluster West, Carlos Larriba, has indicated that the company derives great satisfaction from the donation:

“We are very proud to have launched this initiative, and hope patients at IFEMA field hospital will be more comfortable under such difficult circumstances”. Carlos also stressed the crucial importance of the logistics packaging sector at this time. “Packaging guarantees quality throughout the entire Consumer and Pharmaceutical Goods supply chain, and our professionals are making an extra effort on a daily basis to ensure that basic products reach those who need them most. That is why, in the midst of the crisis, we are so excited to have all found the time and good intentions to launch this solidarity initiative”.


About DS Smith

DS Smith is a leading supplier of corrugated cardboard around the world, offering both paper recycling and manufacturing operations. Based in London and listed on the FTSE 100 index, DS Smith focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging solutions in 37 countries, employing 31,000 people. Combining the expertise of its multiple divisions, including Packaging, Recycling and Paper, DS Smith works with customers to offer solutions that reduce complexity and deliver results throughout the supply chain. The company dates back to the box manufacturing business founded in the 1940s by the Smith family.

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