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Syngenta Vegetables launches a new product mobile app in the Africa and Middle East territory

Syngenta Vegetables launches a new product mobile app in the Africa and Middle East territory

As we start a new year, we are cognizant of the fact that online presence is increasing. Communities throughout the globe have been forced to spend more of their time online as face to face contact has been minimized. This has set the perfect environment for Africa Middle East Vegetable Seeds team to take advantage of the digital space.

67% of the global population uses mobile devices and this will grow by 40% in Africa and 52% in Middle East according to the World Advertising Research Center. Another report from Counterpoint Research shows that out of the global population of mobile phone users, about 403 million are located in Africa and Middle East countries. These statistics give us a good foot hold for the launch of an app in the territory.

Consequently, we have created a unique platform showcasing our channel footprint in Africa and Middle East (AME). This platform will cover 34 countries across the territory, showcasing our unique portfolio of 27 crops, with an estimated number of 400 varieties, thus making it one of the most inclusive apps in the sector. The app is quite simple to install and navigate allowing our users to experience the AME portfolio right in the palms of their hands and at the touch of a button. This app has also considered lingual diversity and hence is in English, French and Arabic to cover more countries in the territory.

Users will be able to experience the very best that Syngenta Vegetable Seeds AME has to offer…

Growers at the heart of everything – Our existing portfolio will be right in the grower’s hands using this application while subsequent portfolio enhancements will also be available in the future making it very simple to interact with your varieties of interest

Unmatched quality and expertise – At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds: AME, one of our goals has always been to link our cherished growers with the point of sale of our varieties. This application ensures that this is a possibility.

Making a real-world difference – My Seeds Syngenta: a mobile application that addresses growers needs throughout Africa and Middle East. Information on our world-leading portfolio of vegetable varieties accessible wherever you go to help sustainably grow your business.

Genuine value through innovation – our app has taken into consideration both Android and IOS users and hence allows for access with more devices globally. The app also has a link to our AME YouTube channel providing access to content throughout the territory to our users.

Gerard Eysink, Head of Africa and Middle East Vegetable Seeds states that “the purpose of the app will remain to showcase our AME diversity and portfolio in order to adequately interact with our customers who are the heart of our business”.

The AME Veg app has gone live from late March 2021 and promises to provide our stakeholders with a simple and innovative way to keep abreast with Africa and Middle East Syngenta Vegetable Seeds.

About Syngenta

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Through world class science and innovative crop solutions, our 28,000 people in over 90 countries are working to transform how crops are grown. We are committed to rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities. To learn more visit, and


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Syngenta to introduce its first commercial ToBRFV resistant tomato variety

Syngenta to introduce its first commercial ToBRFV resistant tomato variety
Press release & photo: Syngenta
  • New commercial tomato variety with ToBRFV resistance to be offered in early 2021
  • Syngenta’s strong pipeline underscores its commitment to adding value to vegetable products using innovative technology solutions
  •  Innovation breakthrough to support growers around the world to combat crop losses from devastating disease

Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, 30 November 2020 Syngenta Vegetable Seeds today announced the launch of its first commercial Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) resistant variety, available in early 2021. The new variety will be released in areas where growers face severe disease pressure from the virus and will support against crop losses.

“The Syngenta Vegetables R&D team is ahead of the curve with the launch of the first commercial ToBRFV resistant variety,” explains Ruud Kaagman, Global Crop Unit Head for tomatoes. “Following this launch, we will aim to introduce varieties with resistance to ToBRFV across our breeding programs and across the globe. Broad resistance will be built in the portfolio during the next several years.” 

What is ToBRFV?

ToBRFV is a newly discovered tobamovirus related to Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV). The very stable and very infectious virus infects both tomatoes and peppers.

Tobamoviruses are mechanically transmitted (contact disease) within and between crops by people and equipment. Symptoms caused by ToBRFV in tomato are similar to those caused by other tobamoviruses in susceptible plants: mosaic pattern on leaves, narrowing of leaves, necrosis on pedicle, calyces or petioles and/or yellow spots on the fruits. This impacts the quality and yield for growers significantly.

Syngenta’s World-Class R&D drives innovation to meet market demands

Syngenta is committed to adding value to vegetable products using innovative technology solutions. Technology drives faster, more efficient and accurate variety developments – allowing to better serve growers and partners along the value chain with unique traits that create greater appeal and consumption.

Different levels of resistance to ToBRFV exist in Syngenta’s current germplasm, but with modern technology, the R&D team discovered and targeted the specific genes related to the resistance.

“With fast development and use of molecular markers, Syngenta is able to rapidly make use of this resistance, deploying it in a large range of varieties; spreading the resistance in our germplasm. Before the utilization of molecular markers, it could take up to 10 years to develop a resistant variety. With broad use of molecular technology, Syngenta can more accurately and quickly breed a resistant variety,” says Pilar Checa, Global Breeding Lead for tomato.

Breeding for the future in tomatoes

The introduction of this breakthrough ToBRFV resistant variety signals Syngenta’s global dedication to supporting its growers and partners. With more than 350 different varieties of tomato available to growers all over the world, Syngenta understands the importance of developing a range of performing varieties to meet the diverse needs of its network of growers. To meet these needs, Syngenta prioritizes linking technology and people to ensure high-value vegetable crops reach their full genetic potential. With Syngenta’s resources and scale, it drives innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience and productivity – for the benefits of growers, marketers, retailers and consumers.

For more information on Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, please visit  www.SyngentaVegetables/ToBRFVresistance

About Syngenta

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies. Our ambition is to help safely feed the world while taking care of the planet. We aim to improve the sustainability, quality and safety of agriculture with world class science and innovative crop solutions. Our technologies enable millions of farmers around the world to make better use of limited agricultural resources. With 28,000 people in more than 90 countries we are working to transform how crops are grown. Through partnerships, collaboration and The Good Growth Plan we are committed to improving farm productivity, rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities. To learn more visit and

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YOOM™ tomato wins prestigious Three Star Superior Taste Award in recognition of its marvelous taste

YOOM™ tomato wins prestigious Three Star Superior Taste Award in recognition of its marvelous taste


Enkhuizen,The Netherlands, October 14th, 2020 – Syngenta’s new purple cocktail tomato YOOM™ has been awarded the 2020 prestigious Three Star Superior Taste Award, by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

In recognition of its “remarkable taste”, the distinctive YOOM™ tomato scored an impressive 91.3% in a rigorous blind tasting evaluation, that was carried out by prestigious chefs and sommeliers from around the world.

The professional jury of over 200 taste experts rated the YOOM™ tomato:

  • 91.3% as its overall score
  • 93% for its pleasing and consistent visual aspect, due to its attractive, distinctive color
  • 91% for its overall gustative impression
  • 91% for its aroma which plays an essential role in its flavor perception
  • 91% for its flavors which are a perfect sweet and sour balance for an umami taste
  • 89% for its texture, which is a key hedonic factor in foods


Stijn Roelandt, Sous Chef at Hof van Cleve, 3 Michelin Stars, who is on the judging panel, explained that the competition consists of a very strict judging process, where the products are blind tasted.

“This means we have to be completely objective as we do the sensory analysis and as a result, only truly good products achieve certification,” he said.

This year also saw the distinctive YOOM™ tomato win the prestigious Gold Award at the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2020 in Berlin, which honors outstanding innovations in the fresh produce Industry, from production to the point of sale.

YOOM™ stood out as an innovation due to its highly attractive purple color, great flavor and vitality boost. Besides his marvelous taste, YOOM™ also provides large quantities of vitamins and anthocyanins compared to regular red tomatoes which makes it a healthy food option for the consumer.

Jeremie Chabanis, Syngenta Value Chain Head EAME, said: “Taste is of central importance to today’s discerning customers and so it is great YOOM™ is being recognized for its exceptional flavor and innovation in the marketplace through these prestigious awards. In collaboration with growers, we have created a tomato that offers a gourmet experience for consumers who seek an uplift their daily meals, while being easy to grow and delivering good shelf-life, benefiting stakeholders from across the value chain.”

YOOM™ tomatoes are currently available in, Belgium, Switzerland Austria Denmark, Germany, France, Greece and Spain Hungary, Japan Korea Australia, with distribution soon to expand to markets that include, Canada, United Kingdom, the United States and China.

Discover more at:

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China internet celebrity watermelon



With the rapid development of E-commerce in China, consumers can buy everything online and have it delivered through developed express network. It’s commonly seen fresh products are purchased online, especially during COVID-19 outbreak.

To become a best seller online, watermelon fruit must have good flesh quality, great flavor and sweet taste, and must have excellent storage and transportation ability to fit supply chain conditions.

Syngenta and his partners growers have foreseen the consumer trends and launched to the market WT1202 variety – 蜜童sweet baby -fulfilling online business requirements and consumer expectations. High flesh density and rind thickness are allowing supply chain efficiency.

The single fruit weight is about 2kg, suitable for family consumption: easy to store and cut; seedless is more convenient and preferred by children. High sugar content (Brix more than 13%), attractive red flesh color, crispy taste.

Together with retailer and fruit collectors, our watermelon experts went from farms to farms, to give crop advice and guidelines to growers for producing the best quality watermelon in the right season and right locations all over China.

蜜童sweet baby (WT1202 )-is now available year round and always in its best quality no matter where and when you find it. By integrating the whole fruit industrial chain, we help to create added value for growers, also bring benefits to fruit collectors, retailers, and more important consumers.

 Inadvertently, 蜜童sweet baby (WT1202 )- became the “Chinese online celebrity watermelon”. For more information visit:

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Syngenta Tomato Vision centre opens its doors for virtual visitors

Syngenta Tomato Vision centre opens its doors for virtual visitors

“Improve, Inspire & Connect” between growers, retail buyers and consumers to develop the tomato varieties of the future, is the main concept which inspired the creation of Syngenta Tomato Vision.

Located in Maasland of The Netherlands, it was successfully inaugurated and virtually presented live by streaming last May 26th.

The new Syngenta tomato demonstration centre aims at changing? the way tomato varieties are bred and fulfilling? new market demands in the future. The goal of the new modern glasshouse is to ensure a faster introduction of new high-quality varieties. With this new investment Syngenta strengthens its position as leading breeder in a dynamic vegetables market. Tomato Vision centre is now open online, giving the opportunity for virtual visitors to experience the journey remotely.

Creating the tomatoes of the future

Just one year after its building was announced, the new R&D and marketing facility called Tomato Vision opened last May 26th in Maasland, the Netherlands. The centre includes 14.000 m2 of high-tech glasshouse where 800 unique new hybrids (soon 1,000) and more then 100 commercial varieties (soon 120) are tested and selected for specific market needs, using ultra-modern and traditional breeding technologies. Among the most successful ones are of course the Kumato® line, as well as the most promising ones like Dubbo? (Dubbo is just a variety name, no brand… or which one do you mean?) and Yoom®. The greenhouse has been designed to mimic real conditions at the growers, featuring different sections for lit and unlit cultivation with ultimate climate control. An area of 1.500 m2 is open to visitors to offer them a unique first insight into upcoming introductions along with a deeper understanding of Syngenta’s whole active glasshouse portfolio. Tomato Vision is also a platform to engage and connect with customers and? to identify their needs. “We want to develop varieties that truly meet growers’ and customers’ demands. By creating this connection between our breeders and the market, we are able to deliver fine-tuned varieties” said Ruud Kaagman, Global Tomato Crop Unit Head at Syngenta.

Grabbing the digital opportunity

As the Covid-19 pandemic has recently highlighted how digital communications can overcome physical constraints, Tomato Vision was the first horticulture experimental centre to have an inaugural opening online. “This wonderful achievement can now reach our customers and partners around the world. Of course, we would like to welcome our visitors physically as soon as possible, but for now we can bring you Tomato Vision at your desk, wherever this is!” said Ruud Kaagman. Hygiene and biosecurity conditions already challenged the access to glasshouses and the current context makes every meeting in person difficult. By using modern digital communication tools and virtual reality technology, Syngenta Tomato Vision centre started to interact with its virtual visitors and provide them a worthwhile experience, making this centre a truly global resource.

Experiencing tomatoes from concept variety to plate

Syngenta’s tomato portfolio is highly diverse as the result of more than 20 breeding programs around the world. The leading vegetable breeder offers performant varieties in all different segments, for active and passive glasshousing. Tomato Vision invites the visitor to an immersive journey from concept varieties to delicious tomatoes on Syngenta menu, making its portfolio and breeding programs more comprehensible and allowing growers and value chain partners to exchange knowledge, ideas and expectations. This will influence future developments in tomato breeding, encourage cooperation and collaboration between parties and ultimately improve the tomato business for everyone.



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High Quality Sweet Corn for Market-leading Yield

High Quality Sweet Corn for Market-leading Yield

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds continues to invest heavily in research and development to ensure it meets the needs of its growers and partners. With a strong product portfolio, Syngenta drives innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience and productivity for the benefits of growers, marketers, retailers and consumers.

Syngenta sweet corn hybrids continue to outperform in the field and in the market. With a focus on grower and consumer-friendly qualities, Syngenta has invested in delivering sweet corn varieties that solve grower issues, meet critical market needs and ultimately create new demand.

New Fresh Market Sweet Corn Varieties:

For fresh market, Syngenta’s sweet corn breeders developed new varieties with benefits such as outstanding eating quality, tenderness, good disease resistance, longer harvest windows, great ear size and visual appeal. Many of these hybrids are developed to be widely adapted across multiple growing regions and worldwide markets. 

Glacial: An innovative 79-day sh2 variety that performs well globally in most temperate growing locations and in different markets, including the processing, fresh and shipper markets.

It produces large ears with vibrant, bright white kernels. This supersweet variety offers great tip fill, excellent eating quality and outstanding husk marketability. Learn More Here.

Crave: A Glacial bi-color type, Crave sweet corn offers a great husk package, large ear size and excellent eating quality that both growers and consumers will crave. This variety is well-adapted to many corn growing regions. Learn More Here.

BSS1075: Ideal for the shipper market, BSS1075 produces consistently uniform ears with excellent tip fill and superior taste that meet market needs. A 77-day bi-color supersweet that has strong rust resistance and a strong healthy plant. Learn More Here.

New Processing Sweet Corn Varieties:

In processing, Syngenta sweet corn breeders developed hybrids with versatility, high yield potential and consistent recovery. Innovative technology such as the state-of-the art Yield Accelerator facility allows Syngenta to touch all levels of sweet corn production. The research and work being done at the Yield Accelerator benefits the sweet corn grower and processor by maximizing genetic yield and recovery across a wide set of growing conditions.

GSS3951: A yellow main-season supersweet variety, GSS3951 offers improved tolerance to stress conditions to help ensure high yield for the grower and recovery for the processor. With ideal supersweet kernels and good eating quality, GSS3951 provides excellent consumer appeal. Learn More Here.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds continues to serve a growing and dynamic industry. With its strong commitment to its growers and partners, Syngenta remains focused on creating high quality products and sustainable solutions always at the forefront of innovation.

For more information on Syngenta vegetable varieties, visit

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Syngenta peppers, towards a sustainable horizon

Syngenta peppers, towards a sustainable horizon


Sustainability is one of the main trends in the World, as well as Organic consumption.

Syngenta and Zeraim have a clear view on this within our The Good Growth Plan as well as the work that we are developing in R&D in all crops. With all this Pepper has without any doubt a relevant position. This growth is the consequence of the demand increase amongst European consumers, who are becoming more and more concerned about their health, the environment, the food they are eating and about who, where and in which conditions this food is produced. Additionally there is strong concern on which are the consequences that this food consumption and therefore its production has in the environment. In this regard, it is important that not only producers and exporters have the right knowledge of the varieties available to cover their agronomical and growing needs, it is also important that the final consumers and supermarkets, which are finally selling the products, know which are the possibilities that are available to cover a consumption trend which is already the present and future of the market.


Focused in offering solutions to the consumers, supermarkets, exporters and growers, we, at Syngenta & Zeraim, have developed the largest and broadest offer of pepper varieties with a higher amount and more efficient resistances which make them especially suitable to cover the market trends. Thanks to our constant focus on innovation, we have managed to develop an offer of varieties that, additionally to the already standard resistances in the pepper market (TSWV and Tm 0:3) are having also the most efficient intermediate resistances in the field for nematodes (Meloydogine arenaria & incognita) and powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica), to offer sustainability for whole the value chain. As a result of this innovation, we already have a catalog with 16 “extra resistant” commercial varieties of peppers, some of which are already reference varieties in the main producing regions of Spain (Almería and Murcia), including 4 new varieties releases for 2019.



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The Yoom tomato scoops Innovation of the Year prize

The Yoom tomato scoops Innovation of the Year prize

This year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA) has gone to the “Yoom™” tomato from Syngenta Seeds. Garnering about 30% of the overall votes, the tomato was the clear winner in the competition to determine the best innovation in the international fruit and vegetable industry. 

This is the second time that Dutch company Syngenta has won the FLIA, having received the award in 2012 too for its red snack pepper “Angello”. The Yoom tomato won voters over with its outer and inner values: depending on the hours of sunlight, its colour ranges from purple to black. What remains constant is its high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content as well as its sweet-sour and tangy flavour, also known as “umami”.

“We are very pleased to have won this award again, because FRUIT LOGISTICA is the most important convention for the fresh fruit industry. In five minutes the world will know more about our product, because everyone follows the information from FRUIT LOGISTICA. This will be a major boost for our product. And the award is a great acknowledgment of our work as well as a wonderful motivation for our team,” said Jérémie Chabanis, EAME Food Chain Manager Vegetable and Specialties at Syngenta.

Environmentally friendly packaging was at the forefront of the awards, with second and third prizes going to sustainable innovations.

The silver FLIA goes to Polish company Silbo for its certified fruit and vegetable packaging with water-based dyes and adhesives (“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”). It is completely compostable, making it especially sustainable.

The bronze FLIA was also awarded to sustainable packaging: the “SoFruMiniPak® Eco View” from SoFruPak Witold Gai from Poland. It seals quickly, is made from renewable resources, ensures good ventilation and optimised cooling, and is 100 per cent biodegradable.

Credit: Alexandra Sautois, Eurofresh Distribution
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Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Nominees unveiled

The nominees for the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 Innovation Award have been announced. The highest award of the fresh produce industry will be delivered on February 7, 2020 in Berlin. More than 78,000 professional visitors from the sector, from more than 135 countries, will be invited to vote on their innovation of the year. 

The ten nominees, who were chosen by a panel of experts from the entire fresh produce industry, will be exhibited at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 in a special area between pavilions 20 and 21. The nominees are as follows: 

“Tomato YOOM ™”, Syngenta Seeds B.V., The Netherlands

“Tomato YOOM ™”, Syngenta Seeds B.V., The Netherlands

Hall 1.2, D-16

A new product line of a tomato with an unmistakable dark purple colour, rich in anthocyanins and a sweet and sour umami flavour. This innovative variety is suitable for all seasons and growing conditions, including artificial light.


“Violì”, Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola, Italy

“Violì”, Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola, Italy

Hall 2.2, A-08

A tender and soft artichoke hybrid, slightly purple in color and cultivated according to precise production specifications and control plans. This ensures consistent calibres and unique quality levels. Violì is available nine months a year.


“Coconut automatic opening machine K30”, Shanghai FruitPro Information Technology Co. Ltd, China

“Coconut automatic opening machine K30”, Shanghai FruitPro Information Technology Co. Ltd, China

Hall 9, D-07

The K30 is a microcomputer controlled machine that opens coconuts safely and hygienically using patented blades so that the consumer can enjoy both coconut water and meat. The algorithms automatically adjust the depth of the opening, as well as the adaptation time for each individual coconut.


“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”, SILBO SP. Z.O.O., Poland

“Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging”, SILBO SP. Z.O.O., Poland

Hall 7.1, B-07

Fruit and vegetable packaging without solvents, compostable and ecological, duly certified and manufactured with water-based inks and adhesives. Using flexographic technology, water-based inks can be printed on a wide variety of composite materials.


“Mosswool®”, Novarbo Oy, Finland

“Mosswool®”, Novarbo Oy, Finland

Hall 8.1, B-15

These panels of wool moss are harvested according to a patented ecological process and represent a sustainable alternative for the rock wool substrate in the cultivation of vegetables. Due to their organic raw material, they can be composted simply and profitably along with other crop residues or recycled after use.


“New Downy Mildew Resistant (High) Sweet Basil”, CN Seeds Ltd, United Kingdom

“New Downy Mildew Resistant (High) Sweet Basil”, CN Seeds Ltd, United Kingdom

Hall 1.2, A-13

Genetically resistant seeds that can be used worldwide to combat hairy mildew in the most common sweet basil variety, Ocimum. An ecological and cost-effective solution for a plant that is otherwise susceptible to diseases.


Proband V1000, project Service & Produktion GmbH, Germany

“Proband V1000”, project Service & Produktion GmbH, Germany

Hall 7.1b, A-06

The first banding machine with interchangeable frames that can process all bandwidths, from 25 to 60 millimetres, in different band thicknesses, from 35 to 210 micrometres. It is optimized to handle paper bands with a plastic content of less than 5%.


“Sinclair EcoLabel®”, Sinclair, United Kingdom

“Sinclair EcoLabel®”, Sinclair, United Kingdom

Hall 4.1, B-09

A high performance labelling solution, safe for food and fully compostable for fresh products, which disintegrates in 12 weeks and biodegrades in 180 days. OK compost, Industrial and Seedling certifies that the label complies with European standard EN13432 for compostable and biodegradable containers.

“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

“SoFruMiniPak® EcoView”, SoFruPak ​​Witold Gaj, Poland

Hall B / CityCube / E-04

A simple quick-closing container for fruits and mushrooms, available with a separate or integrated lid. Renewable raw materials combined with good ventilation characteristics ensure optimized cooling and 100% biodegradability.


“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

“Tenderstem Royale®”, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France

Hall 8.2, B-11

A natural cross between Chinese green cabbage and broccoli with an unmistakable purple stem. Each part is edible, from the stem to the tip. Sweet and tender stems are not only low in fat, sodium and sugar, but also rich in protein and fiber.

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Syngenta holds field day for North East African customers

Syngenta jordania

On 20-21 March, global biotech company Syngenta held a field day in its Jordan Valley R&D trialling station for its customers from North East Africa. The purpose of the event was to showcase the firm’s innovative range of over 100 vegetable varieties at different stages of development. The event was run by Syngenta’s leadership team in partnership with its local team in Jordan and Egypt. More than 50 distributors from 13 countries took part as well as over 150 growers,

The firm’s marketing representative, Amjad Joam said, “This demonstration day is the start of a journey which will help us capture opportunities and gain market share. Follow-ups are scheduled to take place to make sure that our varieties are performing in each local market and are what growers demand.”

Syngenta is a market leader in tomato (Jordan, Egypt) and watermelon (Iran, Saudi Arabia). It also produces cherry tomato seeds in Egypt.