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Sun World Expands Footprint in Egypt and Italy Grants Eight Licenses in Key Markets Targeted for Growth

Sun World Expands Footprint in Egypt and Italy Grants Eight Licenses in Key Markets Targeted for Growth
Press Release

Palm Desert, Calif.Sun World International LLC (Sun World), the global fruit genetics and licensing company, today announced it has granted six additional licenses to Egyptian table grape grower/marketers, bringing the total Egyptian licensees to seven. Two new Italian table grape grower/marketers have also been appointed as part of the company’s strategy to extend its reach in these high-potential gateway markets, bringing the total Italian licensees to ten.

One of the primary motivations for this expansion is to satisfy the growing market demand for newer and improved table grape varieties for the fresh market globally. The expansion also reflects the transition taking place in these regions as public table grape varieties are replaced by superior proprietary varieties, such as those Sun World breeds at their Center for Innovation in California. Having an expanded portfolio of innovative table grape varieties will give the new licensees greater access to domestic and international markets and the opportunity for meaningful new revenue streams.

“We have been eager to announce this group of tremendous new licensees,” said Garth Swinburn, Sun World’s Vice President Licensing. “A hallmark of Sun World’s many years as an international fruit breeder and licensor is the longevity of our relationships with our licensees. We make the decision to grant a license with deliberation and care, so this is an important move for our company.”

The new marketers have been granted rights to distribute fruit from existing and new varieties developed by Sun World, marketed under the company’s powerful brands, such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, and SOPHIA SEEDLESS®.

Joining Sun World’s existing Egyptian licensed table grape and stone fruit marketer, PICO Modern Agriculture, the company’s newly appointed licensees in Egypt are as follows:

Agrostar for Modern Agriculture has been in business since 1998 and specializes in table grapes. Its 400 hectares of table grapes are marketed by its daughter company Egyptian Fruit Exports, owned & managed by Mokhles Harraz and his family. The company currently grows public table grape varieties and is eager to satisfy its customers’ varietal needs by adding new and innovative table grape varieties from Sun World.

Belco is a family business owned by the El Beltagy family which has been growing table grapes since 1958. The export business was established in 1993 and today it cultivates around 3,000 acres producing and exporting a wide range of crops including table grapes, strawberries, stone fruits, mangoes, raspberries, and various vegetables to the largest retailers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Daltex, established in the ’60s, is a major exporter of potatoes with 42% market share and also occupies a significant share of the Egyptian citrus market, followed by substantial table grapes exports. “There is nothing more delightful and exciting to us than finally shaking hands and joining such a great family of breeders. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of Sun Worlds global licensing community. This is the start of a new chapter into growing our businesses together to achieve the most optimum fruitful results for both ends,” noted Mohamed Abd El-Fattah, Daltex Marketing Communication spokesman.

El Roda Company for Agricultural Development, established in 1987, was one of the first Egyptian commercial table grape farms to shift its sales focus to the export market in the early ’90s and has since maintained a leading role in the industry managing the largest flame seedless vineyard in the country. El Roda adds noteworthy table grape supply and distribution capacity to key markets such as Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Africa, with the majority of their production being exported to the UK market.

Fayed Horticulture Export Ltd. Co. (FATA), was established in 1995 and joined the Sun World licensing community in 2018 as a stone fruit grower and marketer by its sister company FayedEx, and today the company expands its Sun World portfolio to include table grapes. FayedEx / FATA has received numerous accolades and global accreditations for its operational excellence, premium quality fruit and ethical farming practices.

Magrabi Agriculture SAE (MAFA), is Egypts largest table grape grower and packer, producing over 100,000 tons of fruit yearly and exporting globally to 61 countries. In addition to table grapes, the company also grows and exports citrus, pomegranates, dates, mangos, strawberries, lettuce and capsicum.

Sun World’s existing Italian licensed grape marketers include Giuliano, Di Donna, Orchidea Frutta, Peviani, Salvi Unacoa, and Unifrutti, while Agrintesa and Apofruit Italia are licensed marketers of Sun World’s table grape and stone fruit varieties. Joining this select group of Sun World licensed marketers in Italy are:

AgriMessina is a family-run business and one of the oldest leading growers and exporters of table grapes out of Puglia, Italy. “Having been one of the first Italian licensees for SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®, Agrimessina is extremely delighted to finally become a Sun World licensed marketer. By adding Sun World’s AUTUMNCRISP® branded grapes to our portfolio, we are able to prolong our green grape season and provide flavorful varieties like SABLE SEEDLESS® to our valued customers,” Sales Manager Francesco Messina noted.

Agricoper’s ancient family tradition started in 1938 in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, where its vineyards have found their ideal habitat, perfectly embodying, through their colors and aromas, the essence of the Mediterranean values. “Our business is constantly growing, thanks to the efforts and knowledge of the Liturri family and their experienced team, that led Agricoper to became one of the biggest Italian growers and exporters of table grapes,” Sales & Marketing Manager Domenico Liturri stated.

“Everything we do, and every aspect of our breeding and genetics program, is done with the success and prosperity of our growers and marketers in mind,” continued Swinburn.  “I’m delighted to welcome these impressive new marketers to the global Sun World Community.”




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Sun World taken over by Bridgepoint

Sun World taken over by Bridgepoint

Sun World International LLC, a global fruit genetics, R&D and licensing company, announced an agreement to be acquired by Bridgepoint, an international private equity group. Bridgepoint will become controlling shareholder alongside management and succeed a transformative and successful period of ownership from Renewable Resources Group LLC and Vision Ridge Partners.

The Bridgepoint investment will support Sun World’s plans to accelerate its growth strategy by building a broad-based genetics and technology platform for specialty fruit growers.

“Our connection with the Bridgepoint team was undeniable from the first conversation,” said Sun World CEO David Marguleas, who will serve on the company’s new board and hold an equity position in the company. “They understand and appreciate the extraordinary head start we enjoy in the sector after 30 years of breeding superior produce. And they share our vision of the many ways we can grow. To say we’re ‘excited’ undersells what this new partnership means for Sun World.”

“In partnering with Sun World, our ambition is for it to become a broader based platform investment in fruit genetics with a considerable runway for long term growth,” said Andrew Sweet, a partner at Bridgepoint who leads the firm’s investment activities across North America. Sun World was part of the first wave of genetic innovation for produce, establishing a recurring royalty business model that has enabled it to prioritise its R&D innovation. Today it enjoys a market-leading reputation with the largest growers, distribution partners and retailers globally thanks to its cutting-edge molecular techniques, and breeding processes. We expect to continue to invest in new technologies that benefit growers and consumers alike,” Sweet concluded.

In addition to enhancing its intellectual property portfolio and core grape and stone fruit breeding operation, Sun World has begun work in a number of under-served crops and technology solutions that have strong global appeal. The anticipated growth will be both organic and through investment and acquisition of new genetics and emerging technologies, all of which have the potential to add meaningful value for Sun World growers worldwide.

To facilitate the company’s expansion, last year Sun World opened its new Center for Innovation in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The complex features a sophisticated fruit breeding and variety development operation, including specialized facilities for tissue culture and molecular breeding, and a 160-acre experimental research farm. Sun World currently holds more than 300 plant patents and the company views the Center for Innovation as an important advantage in advancing its pipeline of fruit genetics.

Sun World divested of its substantial farming, packing and marketing operation in 2019 to concentrate more fully on its breeding and licensing business.

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Sun World announces opening of new center for innovation

Sun World announces opening of new center for innovation
Press release & photos: Sun World

Bakersfield, California USA – For more than three decades, Sun World researchers have worked diligently to develop new and more flavorful fruits and vegetables. Beginning this month, they now have an impressive new home from which to breed, assess and introduce new produce varieties.

Sun World International LLC recently announced the (virtual) grand opening of its Center for Innovation, a sophisticated new fruit breeding and genetics facility located in Wasco, California, just north of this central California farming community.  The Company is best known for introducing consumers worldwide to many dozens of new produce items, including its iconic branded table grapes, plums, apricots, peaches and nectarines as well as seedless watermelon, colored peppers and vine-ripened tomatoes. Sun World’s previous breeding work was conducted at the Company’s longstanding and nearby Variety Development Center.  

The Company began planning and designing the new facility two years ago and broke ground on it in August 2019. Its new Center for Innovation sits on a 160-acre campus, includes an ambitious 17,000 square foot building and houses an expansive experimental research farm, laboratories for molecular breeding, embryo rescue, seedling transfers and post-harvest assessment, as well as grow rooms, greenhouses and spacious fruit tasting facilities for new grape and stonefruit varieties. It also features well-appointed offices for its area staff along with conference space and a functional outdoor event venue.

The Innovation Center is dedicated in memory of Sun World founder Howard P. Marguleas, an agriculture industry luminary who had a profound impact on the American produce industry. “My father’s notable passion for introducing consumers to unique and flavorful new fruit and vegetables was legendary. As such, we thought it was particularly fitting to dedicate this extraordinary new facility in his memory,” Sun World Chief Executive Officer David Marguleas noted. “This passion to innovate continues to shape our vision and guide our business philosophy and will enable us to bring growers, retailers and consumers an even wider array of new fruit for many decades to come,” he added

Sun World founder, Mr. Howard P. Marguleas

“We are intentionally thinking big, and long-term. This facility will house much more than the table grape and stone fruit breeding programs we currently operate. We have bold plans to expand into developing other crops that delight consumers,” VP of Variety Development Terry Bacon said.

Sun World varieties are marketed under various grape varietal brands such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, SOPHIA SEEDLESS®, and SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®, and stone fruit varietal brands such as BLACK DIAMOND® and HONEYCOT®.

Sun World International LLC is a global variety development and licensing business. Sun World’s mission is to drive the growth of fruit breeding, varietal development, licensing and agricultural technologies. The California-based company has a network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, North Africa, and South Africa. More information about Sun World International is available at

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Sun World Grants New Fruit Licenses in Chile and Peru 

Sun World Grants New Fruit Licenses in Chile and Peru 

Palm Desert, Calif. – Sun World International, LLC. has added a Chilean and two Peruvian grape companies, Pronto Exports, Agrícola Interandina, and Sun Fruits, to its list of licensees worldwide. The partnership with Sun World will allow Pronto Exports, Agrícola Interandina, Sun Fruits, to expand and build their table grape profile with Sun World varieties giving them access to domestic and international markets. 
Pronto Exports, based in Aconcagua Valley, Chile is a packer and exporter of table grapes, kiwis, walnuts, and avocados. Pronto Exports is owned by the Gioia  family and was founded in 1930. The company’s operations stretch over 1,000 hectares, of which 600 hectares are dedicated toward table grape exports.  
Sun Fruits is located in what is said to be one of the richest and most ancient cultivated valleys in the world, the valley of Ica, 300 km south of Lima, the capital city of Peru. As a grower, processor, and exporter, the Sun Fruits group cultivates almost 1,000 hectares of grapes, avocados, citrus, and blueberries.   
Agricola Interandina is a Peruvian grower and exporter located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, around 200 km north east of Lima, providing ideal weather conditions to produce high-quality fruits. Agricola Interandina was founded by three fruit growers and currently exports mandarins, blueberries, grapes, and avocados, to clients across five continents. 
“We are pleased to appoint these fine companies, to help bolster our presence in the global fruit trade,” Sun World Vice President of Licensing Garth Swinburn said. “We’re confident that providing further access to our seedless grape varieties will allow producers to maximize their revenues while increasing the seedless grape volume in Chile and Peru, and the visibility of our varietal brands,” he added. 
The three new licensees join more than 70 licensed marketers around the world who sell Sun World fruit varieties. 
Key Sun World varieties are marketed under various grape varietal brands such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, SOPHIA SEEDLESS®, and SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®. 
Sun World International is a global fruit genetics, licensing, IP, and agriculture technology company. Sun World’s mission is to drive growth of fruit breeding, varietal development, licensing and agricultural technologies. The California based company has a network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, and South Africa. More information about Sun World International is available at 

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Sun World launches new consumer website

Sun World said online searches related to grapes occur in the hundreds of thousands every month.

Do you know the best way to freeze grapes for a cool, sweet summer treat? Ever tried pan roasted chicken with green grapes?

California’s Sun World International, LLC has unveiled a new web site that provides just such information and inspiration and covers about anything consumers might want to know about table grapes.

Grape recipes, how-to guides and health Information are among the topics covered on the site, which has been optimised for accurate viewing on any device.

Frozen seedless grapes

Included is the answer to what Google Trends shows is one of the most common queries regarding grapes: how many calories in them? The answer is just 90 in a cup-and-a-half serving, the new Sun World site says.

In a press release, the company said online searches related to grapes occur in the hundreds of thousands every month.     

“Like all of our marketing activities, the new Sun World website was designed based on consumer insights to help us better engage, educate and entertain people,” program marketing manager Natalie Erlendson said.

“The website is part of a larger strategy to build Sun World as the trusted brand for grapes which can increase demand and drive consumption for our customers,” executive vice president Gordon  Robertson said.

Sun World said it is a leading innovator in the research, production, distribution and promotion of fresh  produce.

It maintains vertically integrated table grape operations in the Coachella and San Joaquin Valleys of California, as well as a licensed growing and marketing program with leading  agricultural operations in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, South America, Israel and South Africa.

See the new Sun World site at www.Sun-­