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Fruits de Ponent markets OKI brand

Fruits de Ponent rolled out its flat nectarine and flat peach campaign in June, with exclusive marketing rights to the OKI brand.

Fruits de Ponent rolled out its flat nectarine and flat peach campaign in June, with exclusive marketing rights to the OKI brand.

The main second-tier cooperative from Valle del Ebre plans to re-launch this brand after obtaining exclusive distribution rights.

With OKI, it hopes to reach a type of consumer on the lookout for high quality fruit with the promise of a flat peach with the best flavour, intense aroma, good colour and always easy to consume.

Among its business strategies, the group has set its sights on consolidation in Europe, while expanding its customer portfolio towards Asian cities, as well as the Caribbean and Cuba, where Fruits de Ponent is already registered as a company.

Along with this news, CEO Josep Presseguer also announced that Fruits de Ponent has been working hard all year to achieve the necessary certificates and is now fully qualified to start exporting to China as soon as possible.

In addition to OKI, the group will also be marketing other varieties of peach, nectarines, flat nectarines, cherries and apricots under its own brands –Fruits de Ponent and Or de Ponent. 

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Chinese and Catalan collaboration on agri-food industry

The Chinese province of Fujian and Catalonia to collaborate on agri-food matters.

A delegation from the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian, including the head of its Department of Agriculture, Jiang Shaofeng, visited Fruits de Ponent last week.

They toured the trading cooperative’s facilities in Lleida, as well as learning about the company’s fruit production, packaging and marketing. Fruits de Ponent said the visitors showed interest in exporting its fruit to China.

Plan to increase Catalan trade with China

The visit was organised by Prodeca, which promotes the Catalan agri-food industry, and was one of a series of activities it hosted for the delegation over July 1-3. As part of its China Plan, Prodeca aims to increase Catalonia’s trade with Asia in food and other agricultural products.

During its visit, the Chinese delegation signed a memorandum of understanding with Catalan government representatives designed to foster cooperation and mutual assistance between them in the agri-food industry area, and closer institutional collaboration.

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