Zummo, launches new Z40 Nature Adapt juicer

Thu 21/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Zummo, launches new Z40 Nature Adapt juicer

Zummo presents its new improved version of the Z40 Nature, which replaces the previous one, the main change being in its tap tray.

With the Adapt tap tray, exclusive to Zummo, the company provides its machines with a double functionality: Fixed Mode and Self-Service Mode. With the first, Z40 will squeeze the number of fruits previously established by the user, activated via the display. In Self-Service mode, the machine will come into operation when the user presses the tap. Thus, the user gets a two-in-one as standard. With this upgrade, the user can enjoy countless benefits. Depending on the moment and the need, you can choose which way to operate the machine by simply turning a small knob. It also provides improvements in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and usability: better cleaning and hygiene because the Adapt tray is composed of only two pieces that are disassembled without effort and are very easy to clean (even in the dishwasher); better usability thanks to the greater flow of the tap, which allows bottles or containers to be filled in less time, while avoiding spillage or stagnation of juice in its base. Z40 Nature Adapt includes other features, such as the front opening of the basket to facilitate the loading of fruits, as well as a more integrated and elegant design. The new Z40 Nature Adapt is available in four versions: Z40 Nature Adapt, Z40 Nature Adapt Counter Top, Z40 Nature Adapt Cabinet Store (including the Multifruit range) and Z40 Nature Adapt Cabinet Plus G.

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