Extremadura, production centre of Haciendas Bio’s Organic Asparagus

Thu 21/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

The company estimates to produce 700 tons throughout the whole season, that will last until April

Even though it is a seasonal product, the company bets on deseasonalizing asparagus crops so by the end of the year the first harvesting in Almería will be carried out.

Haciendasbio, the first producer of organic fruit and vegetables in Spain and leading in exporting to Europe- starts harvesting the first asparagus of the season that will last until April.

The company has 83 hectares dedicated to asparagus production located in Extremadura: 45 hectares for green asparagus, 34 for white asparagus and 4 for purple asparagus.

Even though it is a seasonal product, the company has strived for deseasonalizing the asparagus crops. In December 2019 the first harvest will take place in Almeria, more specifically in Pujaire farm.

Regarding the production volumes, HaciendasBio harvested in 2018 a total of 524 tons of asparagus. This year, with the inclusion of this Almeria farm, the company forecasts to produce 700 asparagus tons

The best product for consumers

The company has been 4 years evaluating varieties of green and white asparagus seeking to find the best ones and therefore to offer the best product. During this process, HaciendasBio has designed a fertilization strategy, irrigation management and plague and diseases control in order to get calibers, brix grades and textures that matches the demands and preferences of consumers. HaciendasBio asparagus keep their extraordinary quality characteristics with less fibers content.

HaciendasBio’s asparagus are characterized by their soft and tender texture. With an intense flavour, its sweetness is superior to the average, so they are pleasant to the palate. The moment of their harvest is very delicate that is why the company harvests the asparagus when they do not stress the plants, cools them immediately in order to avoid dehydration and process them daily.

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