Yello®, the new yellow apple returns to the market

High expectations among the VOG and VIP Consortia for the apple discovered in Japan and grown in South Tyrol - Südtirol: a distinctive fruit that has won over the most demanding customers and consumers
Mon 28/11/2022

(Bolzano, 28th November 2022). The new yellow-skinned specialty in the apple segment has returned to the market to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Since the end of October the yello® apple, produced exclusively in Europe by the VOG and VIP Consortia, has been available again with its abundance of tropical aromas, juiciness and strong, attractive colour.

The sales season has opened with high expectations among the two South Tyrolean Consortia: the 2500 tonnes of apples harvested, in line with previous years, have exactly what it takes in terms of quality to meet the expectations of apple lovers and win over new customers looking for a distinctive, top-quality product.

“Yello® is much more than just an apple: it is a fruit that improves the quality of the entire category,” explains Klaus Hölzl, sales manager of VOG. “It is no coincidence that it has already won over a niche of consumers highly attentive to quality and flavour.” Discovered in Japan and grown in South Tyrol, yello® is a genuine speciality for connoisseurs.”

“We are really enthused about bringing this unique apple to the Italian and European,” comments Fabio Zanesco, head of protected varieties at VIP. “Its yellow-alabaster colour, juicy and crunchy flesh and exotic and tropical notes make it a one-of-a-kind apple, an exclusive experience in the yellow apple segment.”

To mark the start of the season, promotional initiatives have also got underway with a week of video postings, accompanied by a product distribution activity that took place on 22 October in Corso Vittorio Emanuele right in the centre of Milan: the ideal location for communicating the apple’s positioning as a premium product and, thanks to 5 hostesses, enabling passers-by to taste as many as 2500 yello® apples. As for the trade, the yellow weeks – the initiatives designed to encourage the fruit markets to purchase the yello® – are back, together with sampling activities, promotions, in-store tastings and direct email marketing initiatives.

“Thanks to its qualities, yello® still has plenty of margin to widen its base of customers and consumers,” continues Benjamin Laimer, marketing manager at VIP. “With the marketing and communication initiatives we aim to strengthen its high-end position and help customers to present the apple to consumers.”

“Customers that have chosen it are well aware that those who taste the yello® come back for more,” adds Hannes Tauber, marketing manager of VOG. “For this reason the marketing campaign combines branding and positioning activities with sampling and tastings that showcase its unique flavour.”

On the market since 20 October, yello® will be available until April with all its sweetness and incomparable taste.

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