The Panda Guide brings scientific approach to improving taste

The Panda Guide was set up to foster trust and the sharing of market information between producers and consumers.
Sun 27/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo
Nina Ma Yi, CEO of China Green Food, publisher of the Panda Guide

The guide, which started in 2018 with 56 vegetables, fruits and grains, now contains 268 products selected from five categories: fruit, grains, vegetables, fungi and pork.

“Since last March, we have changed to a monthly selection,” said Nina Ma Yi, CEO of China Green Food, part of Syngenta China.

The Panda Guide list has always been based on strict criteria: only agricultural products with a sensory score of more than 80 points can feature on the list.

“In four years, our team traveled 3.7 million km, surveyed more than 1,300 red line plots and produced nearly 2,000 sets of laboratory test data,” said Nina.

The Panda Guide uses the ‘flavour wheel’ scientific approach and has its own sensory laboratory. Each Panda Guide flavour round has more than 200 evaluation dimensions for a single variety.


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