‘What’s Next?’, you choose the path and BASF | Nunhems® takes you to the goal

BASF | Nunhems® showcases 'Premium Universe' (a leading mini watermelon), the Galia melon project Galkia®, and Sunions®, the only onion on the market that does not make you cry.
Thu 19/10/2023 by BASF | Nunhems®

The firm’s varietal proposal features a range of tomatoes with resistance to the rugose virus and the Cantaloup Magverik F1 melon, with resistance to powdery mildew and aphids, suitable for both fresh and processed channels.

BASF | Nunhems® participated at the 15th edition of Fruit Attraction to showcase its most innovative proposals and its role as a trusted partner of the entire chain to achieve success in the market.

‘What’s Next?’ is the slogan with which the seed company attended the event and which summarises a work philosophy focused on consumer satisfaction. “Our long-term strategy consists of developing the most effective and consumer-oriented horticultural seed solutions together with our customers and the rest of the chain,” said Pedro García, Area Sales Manager at BASF | Nunhems.

To this end, BASF | Nunhems® positions itself as a reference partner, relying on its innovation, market knowledge and its global network to lead each link to success, as shown by its different products at Fruit Attraction.

Aligned with the farmer

After the outbreak of the tomato rugose virus in Spain in 2022, the seed company got to work and, “thanks to our capacity for innovation, agility and commitment to the sector, we have been able to develop resistant varieties in different segments,” said Miguel Espinosa, Key Account Manager at BASF | Nunhems®.

These resistant varieties include the Azovian F1 and Blindon F1 pears, the Cabosur F1 vine tomato and the Vitalion F1 round cherry. All of them are productive varieties, guaranteeing supply on the shelves and, ultimately, consumer satisfaction, which is the common objective of the entire chain.

For the producer (but without overlooking marketing and distribution), BASF | Nunhems® continues to focus on its Magenta line of Caneloup melon, with the latest addition being Magverik F1. This variety completes the Cantaloup melon cycle in the earliest plantations (Almería greenhouses) and offers resistance to powdery mildew (3.5) and aphids, which makes it an alternative even for organic cultivation.

Magverik F1 is the faithful standard-bearer of the Magenta line and offers an even more intensely coloured flesh, making it suitable for both fresh and processed channels.

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