VII International Berries Congress to take place in August in Mexico

Wed 31/05/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

The 7th edition of the International Berries Congress will be held between 9th and 11th August 2017 at Expo Guadalajara. One thousand attendees are expected at an event which will bring new know-how and training, while showcasing the latest trends in varietal innovation and technology. Once again the congress will be coordinated by the National Exporters Association of Mexico (Aneberries). Over the course of these three days, attendees will be furnished with the latest information regarding the emerging markets, berry production technology, post-harvest handling, and TLCAN, as well as other subject areas related to exploring new approaches for Mexican and global agriculture.

Mexican berries ranked third in fresh produce exports

Mexican berries have been seeing constant growth and have today become Mexico’s third biggest income generator in agricultural exports, worth an average of US$1.6 million according to figures from the Economy Secretary in 2016. The Director General of Aneberries, Juan José Flores García, confirms this trend: “We are only below the numbers generated by tomatoes and avocados. We create over 210,000 decent jobs with social responsibility, and all on just 30,000 ha where the berries are grown, mainly in the states of Michoacán, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Colima, Baja California and others. The sector is expected to continue seeing solid growth thanks to the diversification of markets.”

Aneberries was founded in 2009 to bolster the Mexican berry industry into one united, organised and specialised association. It was also created to represent the common interests of a professional group so as to enable them to reach and maintain their utmost potential and prestige in an orderly, profitable and sustainable way. Currently, the 21 leading companies in the sector form part of its directory. Together, they account for 85% of the Mexican berry industry.


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