New and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables in Fresh Agromashov

Tue 30/05/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
דלעת כחולה- קרדיט יחצ אוריגן

A retrospective Fresh-Agro exhibition, to be held at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds at the end of June, will present a wide range of new and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables that will soon reach the success of all of us. So what’s new this summer in the fruit bowl?

‘Origene Seeds’ will present the unique development of all that was released this year – the Blue Pumpkin. It is unique in the color of the gray-green shell, and is suitable for cooking and soups. It also has a strong taste (a regular pumpkin has almost no taste without spices), and it excels in a long shelf life.

In the exhibition you can also watch a special type of watermelon. Further to the development of a charming watermelon, weighing up to 10 kilograms, and the little watermelon Anna, the newest species came to the medium-sized, 6-kilogram Hoya for relatively small families.

You will also find a brand new and refreshing Melon called ‘fresh dew’. Its uniqueness – high sweetness and long shelf life. The color of his shell is gray and white, and its cover is green, unlike the normal orange float.

‘Hazera’ company will introduce a new Aromato cucumber: a high quality Japanese cucumber, nigis and tasty, and something new and interesting – Dora’s tomato, which peels easily with a peeler, just like a cucumber or carrot. The DORA is a large and uniform egg-shaped tomato (rome), very smooth, bright red and with an unusually high lycopene. Another new development of the company – Angel Hotel, pineapple type, tasty and very sweet.

‘Zeraim Gedera Syngenta’ will introduce a new type of watermelon known as sweet dawn, which will provide fruit before the summer begins, and a new and unique pepper species, resistant to small soil worms that attack the roots of the bush.

Haim Allouche said about all the new products that:

“We are excited every year to re-offer the new fruits and vegetables in the market. We believe in Israeli agriculture and want to empower it. We invite the general public to come and participate in the exhibition and hear from industry leaders how to reach agricultural solutions and see the latest developments in the field. Come to see the Israeli agriculture industry as a model and we are here to show this model”.


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