UNITEC opens new horizons for the apple business

Automation to reduce costs and clustering of quality parameters to meet the demands of different customer targets are the challenges of the future
Mon 21/11/2022 by Unitec Group
UNI Robotics
Uni sorting brand of UNITEC Apples Sort
Uni sorting brand of UNITEC Pears Sort
Uni sorting brand of UNITEC UNIQ Apples

In today’s increasingly dynamic market, UNITEC switches into top gear providing new business opportunities to companies operating in the apple industry. Unisorting brand of UNITEC is therefore presenting at Interpoma its Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples solutions that allow to select internal and external quality characteristics of each variety of apple. Stepping into the future with the possibility to select the quality of apples, not only based on minimum thresholds or on ranges of primary parameters, but also with the opportunity to manage them in different combinations to determine quality clusters capable of fully satisfying each target consumer. The different combinations of sugar degree, acidity and firmness, for instance, generate specific and differentiated perceptions on the palate; their clustering, according to main consumer targets, makes it possible to select the most suitable products to the demands of each consumer segment and, therefore, to achieve greater customer satisfaction and an increased availability to pay for this acknowledged extra value.

Unisorting has developed a series of dedicated and specialized softwares for each variety of apples, aimed at providing high-performance responses to each individual demand. Unisorting innovative solutions Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples, therefore, not only sort apples with maximum gentleness to maintain their integrity, but are also able to carry out an accurate selection of external and internal quality parameters and their combinations (dry matter, firmness, Brix degree, in addition to the classic size, color and shape; internal defects of the fruit, such as bruising, defects and damage to the flesh; external defects, peel defects which could have been caused by hail, abrasions or other types of defects).

Thanks to UNITEC predisposition to listening and to its drive to continuously research and innovate, the future of the apple industry will be tied to a consistent response to consumer demands. In fact, Unisorting brand of UNITEC Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples solutions can be used to select fruit based on the tastes of consumers creating clusters with different qualitative parameters for each consumer target, developing a system that combines the quality analyzed by UNITEC solutions with consumer quality perception; this means boosting end consumer satisfaction whilst drastically cutting waste.

UNITEC always works at its Customers side and has also responded to the growing challenges concerning costs – for instance the increase in labor costs and, above all, the difficulty in finding the same – by automating every process stage. Unisorting also has extensive experience working with packing systems, especially for apples. Unisorting packing lines are designed to ensure quality packing of apples at reduced costs and in a variety of different packages: plateaux, trays, bags and so on.

But UNITEC never stops on its road to innovation and, in recent years, has created and presented the new UNI Robotics division to develop technological and anthropomorphous solutions, capable of automating and eliminating all hard and strenuous manual operations, with a consequent drastic decrease in possible errors and in costs.

An integrated solution system for the apple industry that highlights UNITEC strong connection with the market and the capacity of its team to promptly intervene to respond to customer requirements 24/7. And that’s not all, after listening to the requests coming from the packing houses, with almost a century of experience and skills, the UNITEC team has developed, completely in-house, innovative solutions capable of processing over 50 different types of fruit, from the smallest ones to the largest varieties.

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