Unitec Group opens a new branch, Unitec Asia Pacific

Wed 04/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

After results of UNITEC technologies in Australia and New Zealand, UNITEC opens an operating branch to closely assist Customers overseas.

“We have travelled around the world, we have seen other lines. Then we went to Italy to see UNITEC lines and decided to buy at UNITEC. […] We are a big export company and look for the best […] There have been several people who came to see the line and we suggested them to buy UNITEC technologies for the assistance we have had”.

This is how Michael Stuart, General Director of the export cherries company CentralPac, located in the heart of Central Otago, in New Zealand, has commented his experience with their UNITEC grading line that processes cherries.

Statements like these, expressed by Customers after the results achieved with UNITEC technologies, led UNITEC to believe and invest in the Asian Pacific market with the opening of a new branch.

Unitec Asia Pacific, located in Melbourne, Australia, is the name of the new operating branch, which is a great matter of pride for UNITEC, the internationally oriented Italian Group specialized in designing and making innovative technologies for fruit quality sorting, that has worked all over the world for over 90 years providing its Customers with advanced solutions and the highest standards of reliability and profitability.

The new operating branch was established with the objective of supporting UNITEC Customers from Australia and New Zealand, providing them with excellent service: fast spare parts service as well as professional and specialized assistance.

In fact, being closer to the Customers is an important aspect of UNITEC DNA and it has always been considered essential to build a strong and fruitful relationship over the time.
According to UNITEC, each Customer, regardless of where they operate in the World, deserves the highest possible level of attention and service.

Unitec Asia Pacific adds to other 10 UNITEC operating branches in the world, all in countries which have high potential for fruit and vegetables (France, Sicily, Spain, California and Washington in the United States, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Russia), which were established with the objective of supporting Customers and being at disposal in a process of continuous innovation of their working processes. All this thanks to a Team of Technicians – all of them with skills in electrical, electronic, mechanical fields and software – and to a Sales Team, professionally prepared and ready to help Fruit and Vegetable Packing Houses to improve their business.

“All UNITEC staff has been amazing. UNITEC has involved us in the design process, which was continuously subjected to modifications and additions in order to achieve a perfect result. The plant is amazing! UNITEC technicians and all staff have been wonderful. We have really appreciated the fact they were here and the work we did together on the site: everything went very well!”.

This is how Stephen Riseborough, one of the owners of the Australian fruit and vegetable packing house CherryHill Orchards, located in Coldstream, in the state of Victoria, has expressed his satisfaction.

Michael Stuart of CentralPac shares his opinion: “The installation personnel has been absolutely amazing. The technicians who install the line are very professional, everything must be millimetrically perfect, they are professional throughout all the process”.

Before choosing UNITEC, Michael Stuart had evaluated several other technologies, from different parts of the world, but when he had discovered UNITEC technology he had no doubts, because he realized that only UNITEC would have helped them carry out such ambitious projects in terms of growth of their own business.

“We think that we can help our activity grow thanks to the investment we have done with UNITEC. – Stuart continued – UNITEC line allows us to offer the quality guarantee we will send to our Customers all over the world”. The Directors of the Australian Packing House CherryHill Orchards as well have expressed their satisfaction after taking a long time before choosing this technology to process their cherries. “We have been looking for the most suitable technology to classify cherry quality all over the world and have found UNITEC.” – the owner Stephen Riseborough confessed – We think that their offer is really the best one in the market”.

As a matter of fact, CherryHill Orchards owns a new electronic grading line of 20 lanes equipped with the innovative Cherry Vision 3.0, the intelligent technology which allows a completely automated sorting of cherries.
In fact, Cherry Vision 3.0 is provided with very high-resolution “eyes”, which scan all the cherry surface to classify its characteristics: internal defects, external defects, grades of softness, stemless, in addition to size and color grading.

“I think that Cherry Vision 3.0 is the best technology in classifying defects in the world”. – Stephen Riseborough of CherryHill Orchards said– “Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 we can see advantages in the working process every day. To give an example, some cherries show a crack on the bottom and Cherry Vision 3.0 is able to detect and eliminate them from final package. Our customers know that the fruit they receive will be without defects, therefore they trust our brand and on this basis we can help our activity grow”.

What Stephen Riseborough of CherryHill Orchards says leaves no doubt on the reliability of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology that, thanks to its ability to detect even the smallest defects, allows to get such produce uniformity in the final package as to guarantee unprecedented consistent quality over time.

Unitec Asia Pacific has now the objective of giving Australia and New Zealand technological solutions to process and classify quality of a wide range of fruit in which Unitec Group is specialized (cherries, blueberries, apples, pears, kiwis, apricots, plums, peaches, etc.), always with the objective of substantially improving the business of the customers who rely on it.

Trevor Hall, owner of the Australian Packing House Hallmark Orchards, the first Australian Packing House that has believed in Unitec and in the fact that quality sorting is a strategic asset to improve his business, highlights UNITEC value and expertise on giving priority to customers’ needs:

I would classify UNITEC among the two best companies I have had business with in my life. First of all because of their professionalism, and then for the cooperation and for all they do to continue it.

Innovative technologies, result of intense activity of Research & Development, an acquired know-how with over 90 years of experience, the work in the field and a specialized Team professionally engaged to guarantee concrete results in improving working processes of its Customers.

These are the elements that characterize UNITEC and will also be the foundation of the activity at Unitec Asia Pacific. UNITEC has the right potential to create new smiles, the smiles of new Customers who will choose UNITEC technologies to improve their future business.

“In UNITEC that’s the sort of people they are. – Trevor Hall of Hallmark Orchards ended – They’re working not only for themselves, for their business, they are working for yours. […] To me that is why I would support them fully in the future in any other equipment we would want to install.”

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