Turkey’s agricultural output up

Mon 29/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Turkey’s agricultural output up

Turkey’s output of agricultural products rose in 2017. Fruit production was up 9.7%, to 21 million tons, while vegetable volumes grew by 4.2%, to 31 million tons. In terms of pulses, volumes produced of potatoes grew by 1.1%, to 4.8 million tons, chickpeas by 3.3%, to 470,000 tons, and broad beans increased by 9%, to around 7,000 tons. Meanwhile, output was up for other vegetable crops, too. Tomato production rose by 1.2% but green pepper and green bean production fell by 2.3% and 1.3% respectively.

As for fruits, apple yields were up by 3.6%, mandarin volumes jumped 16%, peach production rose by 14.4%, volumes of cherries climbed 4.6%, and apricot output soared by 34.9% from the previous year.  Likewise, increased production was seen for grapes (5%) and persimmons (9.8%). However, pistachio production decreased by 54.1%.

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