5th anniversary Tomato Inspiration Event

Wed 31/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Tomato Innovation Event

On February 8, the 5th anniversary of the Tomato Inspiration Event will be celebrated in Berlin. 100 tomato growers are invited to meet and inspire each other, while keynote speaker Jan Jonker will shed his light on trends in the tomato industry. Also the Tomato Inspiration Award will be presented.

The 5th edition of the Tomato Inspiration Event will again be held at the PURO Skybar in the city center of Berlin. This year’s event will be highly interactive for all participants. They will be part of a forum debate concerning several topics in the tomato industry. Jan Jonker, professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen, will be keynote speaker. He will sheds his light on trends and developments in the tomato industry worldwide.

Tomato Inspiration Award
Another highlight during the event, is the yearly presentation of the Tomato Inspiration Award. This award goes to a tomato grower with outstanding performance in the past year. In 2014 the award was given to Windset Farms from Canada in the field of marketing and sales, in 2015 Duijvestijn Tomaten from the Netherlands won the award for being the best in crop and process technology, in 2016 the award was presented to Sundrop Farms from Australia for their innovative and sustainable way of growing tomatoes under difficult conditions and last year Greenco from the Netherlands was awarded for their innovative and active way of growing, promoting and selling snack tomatoes. A jury will choose the winner of 2018.

The Tomato Inspiration Event is an annual initiative by HortiBiz, organized in association with partners in the horticultural business. Koppert Biological Systems, Priva and Saint Gobain Cultilene are gold sponsors of the event. Axia Vegetable Seeds, Carbon Gold, Gautier Semences, Enza Zaden, Svensson, Greentech and Van Dijk Heating are silver sponsors.  Together they invite the top 100 tomato growers in the world to meet in Berlin. For the Tomato Inspiration Event applies: invitation only.

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