The IFAMA 2018 World Food and Agribusiness Management Conference will be held in Argentina

Mon 25/06/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

The event will take place from June 23 to 27 in Buenos Aires, where more than 100 national and international leaders from the public and private sectors will discuss the challenges facing food production and set goals for the year 2050.

The Center for Agribusiness and Food of the Austral University and IFAMA will together hold the World Conference on Agribusiness Management. The purpose of the event is to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the global sector to ensure the production of healthy, accessible and sustainable food in sufficient quantities for future generations. Goals will be set for the year 2050.

“Argentina has the responsibility to exercise regional leadership in the development of the world’s agribusiness. As it takes place in Argentina, the IFAMA congress is a great opportunity, which will bring together the leading academics and decision makers of the private sector. It also offers the chance to connect with the government representatives who design the public policies that will ensure the integration of countries in a beneficial economic system to guarantee the quality and sustainability of food for all humanity. At the Austral University’s Center of Agribusiness and Food, our mission will be to position the country as a global leader in projects and initiatives focused on the development of food products with high added value. All of this is aimed at establishing ourselves as the ‘supermarket’ of the world,” said Ana Galiano, dean of the Austral University’s Faculty of Business Sciences and the only Argentine board member of IFAMA.

IFAMA’s main conclusions will be summarised in a final document to be delivered to the G20 leaders when they meet in Argentina. It will also constitute a starting point from which each country should assume its roles and responsibilities for the fulfilment of these goals.

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