Fruit Attraction 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021 incorporates new areas of Innovation, Research and Technology © Fruit Attraction

Madrid, 16 June 2021 – Fruit Attraction, a trade fair organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, will hold a new edition from 5 to 7 October aimed at promoting the sector’s competitiveness and growth. For this, and with the aim of promoting innovation, research, technology and digitisation as fundamental keys to future growth, Hall 5 will bring together the three solutions and services areas related to agricultural sector innovation: Biotech Attraction; Smart Agro and Smart Water&Energy.

Biotech, the great challenges of the horticultural and agricultural sectors

The fruit and vegetable sector faces major issues and challenges that will restrict its capacity for growth, development and competitiveness, such as the opportunities and future of plant biotechnology, its impact on the environment, on industry and society; new digital solutions that add value to the entire agri-food chain; the improvement of production in terms of productivity and sustainability; technological solutions to irrigation; and new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms, among others.

Likewise, agriculture faces new challenges presented by demographic growth, which will increase demand for raw materials, by preferences in consumption, by environmental and legal aspects, and by issues related to the globalisation of the economy. Overcoming these challenges requires an increase in the efficiency (higher productivity with fewer inputs), quality (nutritional, organoleptic) and sustainability (lower environmental impact, reuse of waste, etc.) of agriculture that can only be achieved through the application of new technological developments.

The knowledge generated in applied Plant Biology offers a set of strategic technologies (development of new plant varieties, bioinformatics, genomic editing techniques, agrobiologicals for plant nutrition and protection, revaluation of waste and circular economy, new plant sources for obtaining protein, bioproducts of plant origin with industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plant biofactories, etc., applications that will make it possible to get to grips with global challenges (productivity, sustainability, quality) faced by the agri-food sector.

Driven by this reality, Fruit Attraction 2021, with the collaboration of BIOVEGEN, is including the plant innovation hub in its BIOTECH ATTRACTION programme, aimed at bringing together and promoting technological innovation and innovation-based business development opportunities. A new specialised area, aimed at companies dedicated to research and technological development of plant genomics.

Smart Agro, precision technological solutions

Likewise, Smart Agro will once again be the specialised space for technology solutions companies in precision agriculture, focused on showing the latest developments in management products for agri-food companies and advanced mobility and analytics solutions, promoting agro-industrial transformation.

Fruit Attraction will also have the collaboration of AgroTech ESPAÑA, which aims to encourage and create business opportunities for agrotech. To this end, different initiatives, such as ´AgroTech Tours´, will be launched, which will allow producers and other agents in the sector to be put in contact with those ‘Techs’ that propose specific solutions. In short, to generate encounters between supply and demand.

Smart Water & Energy, water and renewable technologies

Fruit Attraction incorporates, also as a novelty, Smart Water & Energy, which is oriented to water and renewable technologies in the agri-food sector. Thus, SMART WATER is a new area with the goal of addressing the technological transformation of water in horticulture for the best and most efficient use of water and to improve crop productivity.   It is aimed at professional horticultural producers, and managers and technical directors of companies that install irrigation systems and are interested in learning about new irrigation technologies. In this space, participating exhibitors will present equipment, products and services that incorporate the latest technological solutions in irrigation that are dedicated to smart water management.

In addition, renewable energy on fruit and vegetable farms is a valuable opportunity for farmers to reduce costs and emissions. SMART ENERGY was created with the aim of promoting the transformation of energy use in the sector. It is aimed at fruit and vegetable producers, agriculture and energy consultants, installation companies, engineering companies, and technicians from public bodies and administrations. Leading companies in the renewable energy sector linked to agriculture will participate in this exhibition area; suppliers of renewable energy, electricity, green hydrogen, battery storage, bioenergy, solar pumping, self-supply, financing, etc., which will showcase all the new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms.

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Second edition of Morocco Berry Conference attracts international audience

Second edition of Morocco Berry Conference attracts international audience

The second edition of the Morocco Berry Conference, held online on 7-8 April 2021, attracted a remarkable 550 visitors from 50 different countries. The event’s virtual platform offered a series of presentations mostly related to growing berries and associated technical issues. As the platform remained open for 30 days, visitors could watch replays of the conferences, download presentations, visit booths, views videos, search for documentation, get in touch with sales representatives and network with fellow participants via chat messaging.

A multinational perspective was guaranteed by the colourful spectrum of speakers. From the US, Bernadine Strik discussed blueberry physiology and the pruning of blackberries. Sebastián Ochoa from Chile presented his studies on a substrate blueberry farm. From México, Miguel Ahumada explained trellising for raspberries. And from the Netherlands, Cindy Van Rijswick of Rabobank gave a global perspective of the international berry market. Morocco´s speaker was Amine Bennani, chairman of the national soft fruit producer’s association, who analysed data about the soft fruit industry in Morocco. Then, Dr Redouane ChoukrAllah gave a presentation on water scarcity. From South Africa, Pieter Zietsman talked about irrigation, before James Dick presented his views on pruning Southern Highbush blueberry crops. Finally, Elzette Schutte, from the Berries SA association, closed the conference by detailing the berry situation in South Africa.

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First USDA Food Loss and Waste Innovation Fair

First USDA Food Loss and Waste Innovation Fair

The USDA is to host the first-ever Food Loss and Waste Innovation Fair on May 26 (12-4 p.m. ET), to showcase USDA investments and business leadership in reducing food loss and waste throughout the food system.

“In the U.S., more than one-third of all available food goes uneaten through food loss or waste,” said USDA Food Loss and Waste Liaison Jean Buzby. “USDA is proud to highlight public and private leaders who are transforming the food system and combatting food loss and waste.”

The Innovation Fair will present businesses and research teams that have received USDA funding to research or commercialize cutting-edge food loss and waste solutions. Additionally, several USDA agencies – such as the Agricultural Research Service and the Food Safety and Inspection Service – will discuss their food loss and waste activities in research, measurement, education, funding, and outreach. Other presenters include several U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions, businesses that have committed to reducing food loss and waste in their operations by 50 percent by 2030. The 2030 Champions initiative is co-led by USDA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Among the presenters:

Lake County, Illinois received a USDA grant for a pilot community compost project. Activities include conducting a compost-to-farmland demonstration study, engaging community gardeners through education and outreach, and reducing and diverting food waste from landfills.

En Solución (Austin, Texas) was funded by a USDA Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop and deploy a sanitizer made from ozone nanobubbles to wash harvested produce. This technology has great potential to increase food safety and extend produce shelf life.

ReGrained (San Francisco, California) collaborated with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service to develop patent-pending technology to dry and process brewers’ grains into healthy, high-quality flours, transforming food waste into value-added – and tasty – products.

Sodexo, a global food service and facilities management corporation, will highlight their change management and operational engagement strategy to cut food waste in half by 2025 to reach their 2030 Champions target early.


This free, virtual event will feature virtual booths where visitors can learn about state-of-the-art solutions from business, government, and academic innovators. Attendees can text chat with representatives and other guests, watch videos, and download reports and other materials.

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Freshfel to celebrate its 20 years at 2021 Annual Event

Freshfel to celebrate its 20 years at 2021 Annual Event

Freshfel Europe’s Annual Event, to be held online on 4 June 2021, will also be the occasion for marking the organisation’s 20th anniversary, as well as the UN International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021. The exclusive event will be an opportunity for the European fresh produce sector to discuss policy in the EU arena. Four sessions will offer detailed insights into opportunities for the sector. Crucial market and EU policy opportunities will be examined, such as how to capitalise on the European Green Deals’ objectives and green, health conscious tech-savvy consumers.

Freshfel Europe general delegate Philippe Binard said: “2021 is a unique year for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector marking both the 20th anniversary of Freshfel Europe as the peak EU-level representative body for the fresh produce sector in Brussels as well as the UN International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. Without doubt 2021 is a key year for the sector in the public eye as an essential sector for a healthy and sustainable future for all citizens. In order to mark this special year the association is opening its doors for all operators and stakeholders in the fresh produce sector to join the celebrations at our Annual Event along with our members. This year should be celebrated by all actors across the supply chain as a milestone year for the fresh produce sector.”

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Retail & eCommerce Directors’ Forum to be held in person

Retail & eCommerce Directors’ Forum to be held in person © Richmond Events

© Richmond Events


The Retail & eCommerce Directors’ Forum will be one of the first industry events to take place as a ‘live’ event. Held on 22nd June at The Belfry Hotel, professionals from retail are invited to join either in person or virtually. 

Peter Cowgill, executive chairman, JD Sports will be delivering a ‘live’ keynote address plus you will hear from GSK, Asda, Card Factory, Welcome Break, The High Street Task Force, TATA, Forever Unique and Walgreens Boots Alliance amongst many others within the live workshop programme.

There is no cost to attend for retail or eCommerce directors, but places are now very limited.

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World of Fresh Ideas 2021 aims to inspire!

World of Fresh Ideas 2021 aims to inspire © Fruitnet
© Fruitnet


World of Fresh Ideas will be held online by Fruitnet, with the support of Fruit Logistica, on May 26-27. The free online event is aimed at all players in the global fresh fruit and vegetable business and promises to be an ideal opportunity to be inspired, learn and network. Along with the conferences, visitors will have the opportunity to meet people on an interactive platform. Moreover, all content will be available on demand.

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Cibus 2021 to restart the Italian food sector in early September

Cibus 2021 to restart the Italian food sector in early September © Cibus

© Cibus


Following responses to two surveys, one among exhibiting companies and the other among Italian and foreign buyers, Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare have set the dates for Cibus 2021: the first week of September, from Tuesday 31 August to Friday 3 September. An evaluation of the vaccination process in Italy and the organisation of air corridors for foreign buyers also contributed to the decision.

It is hoped that the 20th edition of Cibus 2021, the International Food Exhibition, will be the fair to restart the Italian agri-food industry, the first showcase of the year for national food & beverage. The new products that will drive the recovery of domestic consumption and international exports will be exhibited, in all product categories: from cured meats to cheeses, from pasta to tomatoes, from oil to baked goods, from beverages to grocery, from frozen foods to products clubs, and more.

The reopening of Cibus (the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic) coincides with a resumption of agri-food exports: Istat data, processed by Federalimentare, already report a decent performance in 2020 (+0.1 % in the first 10 months of 2020), which should evolve into significant growth in the first half of 2021. A figure that bodes well for a large influx of international buyers, so much so that a record budget has been allocated to favour incoming (travel and permanence of foreign buyers). 

About 3,000 Italian exhibiting companies are expected at Cibus 2021, and all the players in the agri-food chain will be present. The fair will therefore represent an opportunity to analyse the great changes accelerated by the pandemic, both in terms of production and consumption. The conferences will be organised in a single and coherent framework, called “Cibus Forum”, also to underline the continuity with what was elaborated in the last Cibus Forum in September 2020.

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New meeting point for global grape sector

New meeting point for global grape sector

Global Grape Congress will bring together key players in the fresh table grape category to connect and share their experience and expertise. Held digitally on 30th June, a combination of talks, interviews and discussions will allow an in-depth look at the business, including the development of new varieties, new technologies and new markets.

Expert speakers will offer insight into all areas of the table grape business, including key challenges like climate change and Covid-19.

Global Grape Congress 2021 represents an unmissable opportunity to grow your own business in fresh grapes.

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Fresh Produce India goes live on April 22

Fresh Produce India to be held online in 2021

FRESH PRODUCE INDIA will be held digitally on Thursday 22 April 2021, where attendees can learn about fresh opportunities for imported fruits, and how online channels provide new and exciting consumer-direct channels to build your products and brands in India. FRESH PRODUCE INDIA was a big hit in April 2020. More than 650 decision makers from across the globe tuned in when India’s favourite fresh produce event became the first in the world to go online. It brought a brand-new group of people from all over the world to discover the big business opportunities in India. New networking tools mean you can load your own profile to connect and interact with all attendees via live video and private chat messaging before, during, and after the event.

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China International Cross-border eCommerce Supply Chain Fair

China International Cross-border eCommerce Supply Chain Fair

© China International Cross-border eCommerce Supply Chain Fair


The event will be held on 23-25 September, 2021 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China. It promises to be a premier B2B trade exhibition focusing on cross-border e-commerce solutions.

From the product display and supply-demand docking of factories, the policy explanation of the official team of cross-border eCommerce platforms , to the on-site purchase of cross-border e-commerce sellers, China (Shenzhen) International E-commerce Supply Chain Fair enables the sellers and manufacturers to connect with each other to find the most popular products with the highest cost performance. Nearly 100 cross-border eCommerce factories show up with thousands of new and unique products, and cross-border sellers select and purchase on-site. More than 500 exhibitors from Cross-border eCommerce Industrial ecosystem, including Amazon, eBay and other global famous platforms and emerging market e-commerce platforms, have joined the annual event of cross-border e-commerce industry.