The Dominican Republic sees fast growth in avocado exports

Thu 26/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
avocado rep domenicana

Exports of the Dominican Republic’s avocados have increased by over 150% since 2006, and now exceed US$30 million a year. The main destinations for its production are the US, Spain, France, Holland, the UK and Italy.

World avocado production stands at around 4.7 million tons, of which the Dominican Republic produces 8% (nearly 400 thousand tons), making it the world’s number two producer behind Mexico, which produces 31%. However, as the Dominican Republic is just number twelve in terms of exports, it is clear that domestic consumption of the fruit is high.

In a statement the entity said that the Dominican Republic ranks number 12 as the world exporter of avocado, which indicates that the country’s consumption is high. The country’s main varieties are Carla, Semil 34, and Hass (small and with purple rind).

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