Calls for relaxation of EU’s “food beauty” laws

Thu 26/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
EU Kromkommer

Dutch fruit company Kromkommer has made a call to relax strict EU laws governing the appearance of fruit. Certain products are banned merely on the grounds of their appearance. One such example is the twin kiwi, which does not satisfy the EU’s guidelines. According to the company’s website,

“About 10% of all fruit and vegetables is wasted because it is not pretty enough. Kromkommer believes that quality should stand for a fresh, safe and above all very tasty product. That is why we think it is time for a new definition of quality, which means that more fruit and vegetables end up on our plate.”

On 18th April, the firm arranged for a special delivery of “forbidden fruit” at the Dutch parliament on the day prior to a debate on the subject.


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