The 2017 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo showcases high quality agricultural products

Mon 04/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
Zhejiang Agricultural Fair

On November 24, the four-day 2017 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo kicked off at the Zhejiang Agricultural Exhibition, the New Agricultural Exhibition Center and the Peace Exhibition Center. More than 1,500 agricultural enterprises and over 2,000 exhibitors attended the event, which showcased high quality agricultural products and machinery to ensure the highest levels of safety, scientific and technological innovation, and business management.

Cutting-edge technology featured prominently, with presentations including agricultural database construction, agricultural intelligence management, traceability systems of agricultural products, the development of electronic commerce, and the application of information technology in agricultural production and marketing.

One such example was a tree with various types of sensors designed by Wentan intelligent equipment. This allows a computer terminal to display the health of trees, soil, water, plant diseases and pests while controlling data, and realising data management of agricultural production. Elsewhere, drip irrigation equipment was on display that could be controlled via mobile phone to provide plants with both water and light.

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