A late harvest and small size for French apples

Mon 04/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

France’s 2016 apple harvest took place around two weeks later than usual. The colouring is slow to express itself on early varieties such as Gala, Estar and Reine des Reinettes. The 2017 harvest features apples of small calibre, especially in the south-east and south-west. The Loire Valley is less affected. As the first harvests get underway, there is both domestic and export demand. Competition from summer fruits is now fading quickly and the warm September temperatures are speeding up the ripening process. With a high proportion of small sizes, prices are not optimal. In the south-east, this situation is favourable for early producers who do not have sufficient storage. Prices out of orchards, however, are disappointing. The south-west and the Loire Valley also benefit from this situation. But the arrival of citrus fruit in early November has slowed demand and the constant promotions do not make it possible to obtain good prices.

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