Stricter quality parameters for Chilean kiwi

Mon 19/02/2018

Chile’s Association of Fruit Exporters (ASOEX) and the Kiwi Committee have together announced new ripeness parameters to make Chilean kiwis more competitive globally. The announcement was made at the Kiwi Regional Seminar, held in Curicó, a key kiwi-producing region. The parameters established by the industry for 2018 are for an average of 6.2% Soluble Solids and 16% Dry Matter.

For growing areas with early harvest potential, the requirement will be different. For these areas, Brix must reach an average of 5.5%, and no fruit must be below 4.8%, while the average of Dry Matter must be 15.5%, with no fruit below 14.5%.

According to an agroecological analysis, the zones defined as “communities with early potential” are: Nogales, Hijuelas and Limache in the Valparaíso Region; Buin, Alhue and Paine in the Metropolitan Region; Las Cabras, Peumo, Pichidegua, San Vicente, Palmilla, Malloa, San Fernardo and Coltauco in the O’Higgins Region; and finally Sacred Famiia in the Maule Region.



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