Spain’s citrus prices fall with uninterrupted supply

Wed 13/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Average citrus prices earned by Spanish farmers have fallen since the start of the season, especially for the Fino lemon. Average prices for oranges and tangerines have remained stable in the last two weeks, while average prices for lemons have fallen by an average of 12% per week.
Average prices of these three citrus fruits in Week 46 and Week 47 on exiting handling centres dropped by an average of 7% compared with Week 45 prices, with mandarins seeing the largest fall. The uninterrupted supply of the crop has generated a large influx of fruit to warehouses, which combined with lower sales than in previous years, has led to large volumes accumulating in cold storage.

              Average prices of fruit on the tree (Week 43-47)

Source: Observatorio de Precios y Mercados de la CAPDER


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