Russian retailers take preventive measures against Covid-19

Lenta, the 4th largest Russian food retailer, installs protective screens
Wed 25/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Russian retailers take preventive measures against COIVD-19

To protect their cashiers, Lenta, N4 Russian food retailer, is being installing plastic screens. The work has been completed in all 249 retailer’s hypermarkets, and will be completed in its 131 supermarkets by the end of March. It is one among other measures taken by the retailer: the improvement of ventilation systems work, more frequent cleaning of the premises, temperature control for stuff and the installation of disinfection units in every store.

Magnit sends its staff to remote work

Magnit, the second largest Russian food retailer, is going to send half of their office staff for the remote work, in the first place, pregnant women and 50 years old and more employees. Those who cannot work remotely will communicate with all third partners by phone. Total staff of Magnit by the end of 2019 was 308,000, including 50,000 of office workers.

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