Agrico launches Next Generation potatoes

The long wait is over as the launch of Phytophthora- resistant varieties is set to truly propel sustainable potato cultivation.
Tue 24/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Agrico launches Next Generation potatoes

Developed by Agrico, a pioneer in seed potato cultivation, Next Generation was launched this February as a new line of tubers with Phytopthora resistance. The range includes Carolus, Alouette, Levante, Twister, Twinner, Ardeche and Nofy. Their appearance and excellent taste are preserved and the potatoes can be used in a range of ways, from industrial uses to starch, chips, salads and other chilled potato products.

What keeps Agrico a forerunner in the industry is its focus on innovation. The company started working on developing new potato varieties that are both sustainable and disease-resistant in the 1980s. It has always followed conventional breeding techniques and not resorted to GMOs.

“You can be successful even using the traditional ways,” said Wieger van der Werff, commercial manager at Agrico.

Today, Agrico has 750 active growers in the Netherlands and continues to cater to both Europe and overseas. One of the challenges cited by van de Werff is the increasing demand for potatoes. This has been brought about by the emergence of markets such as India, China, and Latin America. In response to this demand, the company has expanded its operations outside the Netherlands, to tap into countries like France, Poland, and Scotland.

Agrico is a Dutch cooperative established in 1973. It entered into a joint project with Bayer and Yara to create sustainable potato value chains in Kenya. The aim is to help small-scale farmers utilise correct and high-quality farming methods. All of these programmes position Agrico as a true leader in elevating both potato breeding and farming.

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