Russian consumers follow European trends

Mon 20/08/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Russian consumers have been following world trends, increasing the consumption of fresh produces, purchasing ready-to-eat vegetables and toughening the quality and food safety standards.

During last 3 years, the area of vegetables grown in hothouses in Russia has increased by some 4%, while the crop volume has grown by 13-14%, say the specialists of Interagro Projects Company. In 2017 total protected area grew by 136 ha; the crop of vegetables amounted to 922,000 tons. The leaders in terms of volume are Krasnodar, Moscow, Stavropol and Volgograd regions.

Since long ago, Russians have been going some kind of “city-farming”, growing greenery on the kitchen sill. To offer better results, Russian scientists from Moscow Agricultural Academy designed and registered a special technology maintaining specified humidity and temperature of soil. Thus, greenery grown in the innovative container is very tasty.

“Russians like consuming their own salads, herbs and other pot greenery,” says Ekaterina Babaeva, general manager of Interagro. “There are sets which include all the necessary for easy growing; we are sure there will be demand for such products.”

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