Rise in Chinese leek prices 

Tue 22/09/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Rise in Chinese leek prices 

Leek prices in China have risen sharply in recent weeks. As Weifang Evening News reports, at farmers’ markets, leeks with leaves are marketed at around 2.5 yuan (€0.30) per half a kilo, and those with leaves removed can fetch around 3 yuan (€0.37). This vegetable can be planted several times a year, and its prices constantly fluctuate, with the recent general trend being on the rise. In previous years, dried leeks could only fetch 3-4 yuan per half a kilo in the winter, while now, fresh leeks are marketed at 3 yuan per half a kilo. In the same period last year, the retail price was only around 1.5 yuan (€0.19) per half a kilo, and prices were not high even in last winter and this spring.

Many vegetables (not including garlic) have recorded price increases in recent weeks, particularly when local product is not yet available, and the cost of shipping from another province is high. The heavy rains this summer have also affected vegetable crops, driving prices up.

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