Retailers take measures to protect staff and customers in stores

Wed 25/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Mercadona store

European retailers are taking steps to ensure customers and staff are adequately protected from becoming infected with the Coronavirus in their stores. Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona has issued a statement advising that only one person should go to make the purchase (not with the family, or with children or groups).  Also, people who are part of the risk groups; the elderly, people with chronic diseases are advised not to go to the stores. Purchase should be spread out throughout to avoid overcrowding. Customers are asked to pay by card and avoid the use of cash. According to the statement,

“the supply of basic necessities is more than guaranteed.”

“The number of customers entering the supermarkets is being controlled to ensure the minimum required distance between people can be maintained. On the public access road to each supermarket a minimum distance of one metre will be marked for people waiting their turn to enter the doors of the supermarkets, which must be respected in order to access it.”

Opening hours have been slightly truncated and are subject to modifications. Lastly, to ensure food safety, product returns will not be admitted under any circumstances.

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