Flashmob singalong at Milan’s Ortomercato to reassure Italians

Thu 26/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Flashmob singalong at Milan’s Ortomercato to reassure Italians

While many of Italy’s local markets have had to close during the current lockdown, the major wholesale markets across the country are playing a key role in ensuring food supply. Traders at Milan’s Ortomercato carried out a flashmob initiative on Wednesday 18th March to boost morale and assure the Italian public that their food supply is in good hands.

The event involved the traders singing songs and chanting:

“Fruit and veg does not stop!” “We are here for you, we’re struggling, but fruit and veg does not stop!” Speaking to Fruitnet, Luigi Catalano of wholesaler Gala said, “We’re trying to convey this message in every way possible because I believe it’s important people understand it. The reason your fruit and vegetables are not running short is because people are working to supply it.” Catalano estimated that the wholesale sales were currently around 10-15% lower than usual.

While restaurants are closed, the smaller independent stores and greengrocers are reported to be working well and sales in supermarkets are on the up.

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