Research shows value of fresh fruit and vegetables in prevention of type-2 diabetes

Tue 03/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
frutas y verduras frescas

Research has been published which underlines the valuable role fresh fruit and vegetables can play in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. Franziska Jannasch’s team analysed three different patterns which had beneficial impacts. The Mediterranean type, DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) and AHEI (Alternative Healthy Eating Index) diets were all associated with 13% to 20% reductions in diabetes. Intriguingly, both low and high fat (Mediterranean type diet) diets seem to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. These observational findings are in line with long- term results obtained from type -2 diabetes prevention trials where diet has been moderately low in fat but counselling encouraged increasing consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

In a large Chinese study published recently by Huaidong Hu, fresh fruit consumption was associated with 12% lower risk of diabetes in people who were non-diabetic at the onset of the study. Furthermore, a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and microvascular complications was observed among diabetic patients who used fresh fruit regularly at the onset of follow-up. Curiously, patients with known diabetes tended to consume less fresh fruit than individuals without diabetes.

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