Record-sized avocado: Four pounds seven two!

Mon 18/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
Aguacate guiness

A big head of Hawaii avocado is expected to break Guinness record 2017-12-07 fruitpress fruit weekly.

Ms. Wang of Hawaii discovered the avocado while strolling outside, at that time it felt very special. The result said, weighing four pounds seven two.

This avocado is not a common Hass variety, but “Daily 11” from a 40-year-old tree.

It may be the largest avocado in the world. The king has applied to the Guinness Book of Records and is expected to receive a reply within two months. Earlier Guinness record of 2.19 kilograms of avocado.

Guinness certification requires taking pictures of the fruit and weighed in the presence of an expert. After weighing, she and her friends tasting the big avocado, said to taste good, 10 people eat less than half and eat half.

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