Price of Almeria’s aubergine soars

Mon 18/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

During the winter months, Almería is Europe’s leading supplier of aubergine. The largest markets for this product are France, Italy and Germany. As this is a relatively small market, prices can fluctuate wildly with moderate variations in supply. The cold weather is a key factor in aubergine production. In the field, the cold regulates the productive rhythm and, on the market, the low temperatures are associated with higher European demand, particularly in December with pre-Christmas demand. As a result, the prices of long aubergine doubled in Week 49, approaching €1.25/kg. Meanwhile, the striped aubergine increased in value by 64% in the same week.

The prices of the two commercial types in Week 49 far exceeded the records for the 2015/16 season, although they did not reach the exceptionally high prices ​​of the last campaign.

Graph: Weekly average prices paid to the farmer for commercial aubergine varieties


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