Peru’s blueberry exports set to smash 200,000-ton barrier

Wed 01/09/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Peru expects another record-breaking season for its blueberry exports in 2021/22, with volumes up by 30% from last season to around 211,000 tons. To put this achievement into perspective, in the 2015-16 season, the country’s exports stood at 12,951 tons.

Daniel Bustamante, president of the Association of Blueberry Producers of Peru (Proarándanos), speaking at the IBO Summit, noted that the share of organic blueberry exports would increase significantly this season. While last season they represented 4% (6,500 tons), this season they would account for 9% of volumes (19,000 tons).

The US will continue to be the main destination for Peruvian blueberry exports, receiving 50.7% of shipments, down from 52.9% last year. Europe is expected to receive 31.6%, down from 34.7%. Meanwhile, exports to China are expected to grow from 9.7% to 15.5%.

“This increase in shipments to China is due to the new blueberry varieties that have been planted in our country that attract attention in that market, which can handle longer trips and have longer post-harvest life,” said Bustamante.


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