Chile’s cherry orchards continue to grow

Thu 02/09/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Chile’s cherry exports are set to rise by 3% Y-O-Y in 2021/22, due to a larger crop. Chile’s cherry production area has steadily expanded in recent years, reaching a record 44,000 hectares in MY2021/22. However, yields are projected to fall this season due to drought and production adjustments that Chilean producers will make to increase size and quality, according to a USDA report. FAS Santiago estimates that cherry production will reach 395,000 tons, while exports will rise to 364,000 tons.  

Meanwhile, Chile’s fresh peach and nectarine production is set to slip 0.6% to 160,000 tons due to lower productivity and planted area. Peach and nectarine exports are expected to fall 1% to 98,000 tons.


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