Orri unveils spectacular new image

The new image is aimed at identifying Orri as a mandarin variety and maintaining its position within the world of citrus. The promotional campaign in the professional field aims to reach over 10,000 fresh produce specialists throughout Spain.
Mon 20/02/2023 by Orri

The Association of Producers of the Orri Variety (Orri Running Committee, ORC) has refreshed the design of its promotional image, with a focus on the spectacular appearance of this mandarin. Orri’s new image represents a creative leap through a new chromatic composition compared to the last campaign, maintaining the same visual weight and recognition but using, on this occasion, green and fuchsia tones combined with orange.

This new image seeks to provide the Orri mandarin with an identity as a variety and not as a brand, combining Orri’s knowledge with the presence of the best brands on the market and maintaining its position within the world of citrus fruits as a premium product. The rebranding is part of the promotional actions that the Orri Running Committee is carrying out to make this mandarin known on the national and international market.

To this end, it will carry out different actions for the main Spanish wholesale markets (Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza) and distribution chains, with a multitude of initiatives to support retail and those who opt for premium quality.

The promotional campaign in the professional field will cover more than 80 stalls in wholesale markets, as well as hundreds of supermarkets to reach more than 10,000 specialised greengrocers throughout Spain.

In addition, this year consumer loyalty will be rewarded with the chance to win spectacular prizes. Greengrocers who present graphic materials from the Orri campaign in their premises will also be eligible for interesting rewards.

Guillermo Soler, manager of the Orri Running Committee, said: “A new campaign has begun and the prices of Orri mandarins in the field once again stand out compared to the rest of the citrus fruits on the market. It is called a record-breaking mandarin because of high demand it generates in the market. ORC is proud to know that the producers, shops and distributors of this mandarin get the best prices year after year, thus seeing their effort and dedication to agriculture and food rewarded.”

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