Agroponiente, new 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging and 17% compostable

Environmentally friendly packaging is part of the company's philosophy, which affects all areas of the firm's activities.
Mon 20/02/2023 by Agroponiente

Grupo Agroponiente continues to focus its internal and external strategy and organisation on sustainability, applied to all its processes, areas and relationships and also to all of its areas of action.

Within this sustainable philosophy, firmly committed to recycling, the company has undertaken to convert its packaging into elements that are as sustainable as possible, working firmly to minimise its environment footprint and promoting the concept of recyclability of all types of packaging with which it operates.

The process is by no means finished and it may never be, but after an initial period of work, 100% of the packaging has already been made recyclable and sustainable, such as via reuse. A further milestone in this process is that of compostable packaging, which can be biologically degraded, forming compost and producing CO2, water, organic compounds and biomass in its decomposition, without generating any type of toxic waste for the environment.

Thus, Grupo Agroponiente has already reached a point whereby 17% of its packaging is compostable and the process is still underway, with greater milestones to be reached in the future. This process refers to all types of containers and packaging, from boxes of different formats with which the company works to all types of small-sized containers, such as tubs, etc.

Quality Director of Grupo Agroponiente, Pepi Madrid, said: “Sustainability and responsibility towards the environment is, as has been said on many occasions and as expressed in each and every one of our actions, a global strategy and is in operation across the company, affecting all areas of work, relations with all external agents with whom we collaborate and all the activities we carry out. That is why packaging, as a fundamental element in this area of the fight against environmental deterioration, has become one of our great objectives and the progress we have been making has given great satisfaction to us and to those who share this philosophy with us, from farmers to customers.”

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